OGYouTube 2023 Apk Download – Background Play – No Ads | Officials YouTube App

This is OGYouTube 2023 Apk Download – Background Play – No Ads | Officials YouTube For Android App

OGYouTube 2020 Apk Download – Background Play – No Ads | Officials YouTube App

Download the Mode YouTube APK or OG YouTube app for Android, enjoy without rooting in Dark Mode, Background Play, Direct Download, Ad Blocker and more

  YouTube mode is a forced version of the YouTube app for Android.  Imagine a YouTube app with no ads, direct download links, video playback options in the background, dark mode, screen minimization options, ad-free, and more !!  

Today in this post I will fill this imagination with a modern YouTube app.  The YouTube app is the most popular video streaming app used by Billion Monthly.

  YouTube is a great source of knowledge and entertainment for millions of useful videos.  If you are looking for a modeled YouTube APP file with all the great features, I have provided some useful information with download links in this post.

  The OG YouTube app has all the key functions of the embedded YouTube app, with added features that will make you glued to the mode YTY application for your Android.  You can sign in with your Google Account and sync your data with existing data and data to protect your information.

  This app will be the best-supported version of the YouTube app for its features and stability.  We do not endorse the app or engage with it in any form.  This post is for informational purposes only.  The app has many features that are not available in our traditional YouTube app.

  What is YouTube mode?
  YouTube Mode is the best-version of the YouTube app for Android with no ads, with background play, direct video downloads, pop-up boxes, dark mode and more.  The app has the original design and UI as the main YT app with G-Account login access.

  Mode YouTube App Features
  Works as YouTube - The core functionality and UI is basically the same as the official YouTube app.

  Downloading Videos - You can download videos directly from the Mod app with the desired quality.  It also features multiple video downloads.
  Music Download - You can download mp3 music available in different bitrates.

  No root required - no need for root access in your app
  Background Play - You can play YouTube videos with one-click buttons in the background.
  Ad-free - The app is ad-free so you can relax and watch the content you love without the hassle.

  Multitasking Pipe Mode (pop-up window) - You can reduce the video to take a small portion of your screen so you do other things on your device.
  Dark Mode - You can use YouTube Dark Mode on your Android device.

  Support and Durability - Support Android 4.4+ and applications are extremely stable.
  Run parallel with default YouTube application
  Download links
  The app was developed by RaddixCore who are popular and trusted developers.  The file has been scanned using anti-virus applications such as Shield, Norton, Avast and AVG.  

The file is also checked on the emulator and the TouristGo Ad Detector app for any malicious nature.  And from our tests, we can assure you that the app is safe to download.

  The difference between OG YouTube mode and YouTube Vansd
  OG YouTube mode is a duplicate version of the YouTube app with added features like video and music downloads that you can download to your device storage.  Also, YouTube mode is designed based on an older version of the YT app.  

On the other hand, YouTube Vansed is an unlocked YouTube premium with no special download feature and comes with the same YouTube design.

  How to download YouTube mode app?
  Here is an easy step to download and install the YouTube mode or OG YouTube app on Android.

  Step 1.

  Download and install the OGYouTube app on your Android device (links below)

  Make sure unknown sources are enabled in your settings;  Settings → Security → Unknown sources। Turn it on

  Step 2

  Once installed, open the app, a message will pop up so you will be asked to download an additional APP file MicroG (2 MB).

  Click OK and you will be redirected to the Mirror website to download the MicroGo app.  Download and install MicroG.

  Step 3

Once the file is installed, open the Mode YouTube app, grant the app all the permissions it needs;

  Download Permission
  Screen overlay allowed
  Account Permissions
  Take a look at the great features of the OG YouTube modeled app.

  Step 4.

  If you'd like, you can sign in to your Google Account to sync all your YouTube search behavior with the OG YouTube app.

  How to use different features?
  You will see the option to download and play the background just below the video.  After you click the download button, several download resolution options will appear for download.

  For multitasking, the video covers a small portion of the screen and you can perform other functions at the same time.  Click on the video and you will see a small icon in the bottom right corner of the video screen.  Tap on it and the video will return as it was restored to multitasking.

  YouTube Premium [Vansd]
  IYTBP is a forwarded version of the YouTube app that offers background play, dark mode, video downloads and more.  The app, developed by XDA Developer, supports both native and non-native devices.  The app has all the original features and design as a traditional YouTube app with some awesome addons.  YouTube Vansd is all in a YouTube app.

  Featuring YT Vansd
  Enabled background playback for music.
  Image-in-picture mode (pop-up box)
  Set preferred video and audio quality.
  Enable / Disable Notes
  Enable / disable suggestion cards in videos
  White / Black themed version
  Download YouTube Vansd
  Note: You need to download an additional APL file called MicroG (M3MB) to login to the G-Account.  You will be redirected to the mirror of the website to download the Microzy app when the click is logged.  Download and install MicroG.  Just keep it on your device.  The app will not appear in the app drawer.

  What if the app is not installed?
  The app is stable for Android 4.1 and above.

  If the app does not install or does not show any errors, you will first need to disable the default YouTube app on your Android phone.

  Go do it;  Settings → Apps / Manage All Apps / Apps → YouTube App → Disable / Uninstall.

  Also, make sure you have enabled installation from unknown sources.

  Settings → Security k Unknown source and turn it on.

  Also, make sure you have granted the application all permissions.

  Settings → Applications / Manage All Applications / Applications → YouTube Applications → Permissions (All on)

  What if the app is down or forced to stop?
  Basically, there is not much we can do if the app is not working, except the application is stable and data and cache cleared.

  Make sure you have the MicroGo app installed.  The MicroG app does not perform any major functions on its own, but the mode supports the normal operation of the app.

  Make sure you have granted all permissions to OG YouTube under App Settings on Android.

  Conclusion: Download videos, play as a pop-up box, play background and ad-free.  Get together with this powerful app.  We do not endorse the app or engage with it in any form.

  I hope the post was helpful.  Please comment below for any assistance or assistance you may need.

  If you have any thoughts on YouTube mode, Download APK OG YouTube for Android, then feel free to leave it in the comment box below.
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