3 Android Apps to earn money by Playing Games on mobile in 2024

The topic of our article today is very interesting.  Because, our visitors will know a new way or rule to earn money online today.

  Today we will know about 3 apps to earn money by playing games from your Android mobile in 2024.  

I mean, we can talk about earning money by playing any game on your mobile.
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Top 3 Android Apps to earn money by Playing Games on mobile

Today we always play some game on our mobile.  So if we can play games that we have fun playing and can earn a little income, then the fun of playing games will be doubled.

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 How to make money online on mobile?

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 But, remember, I will never give you a bad idea and so I said before.  I will tell you about the apps to earn money by playing the game below, you will not be able to earn any money with them.  O small mobile recharge, mobile bill payment or general hand expenses will definitely come in handy.

 If you are a student or not doing a job, then you can play these android games to earn money.

 3 Android games to earn money by playing mobile games

 I will talk about the games to earn money online, you can go to the Google play store and download them for free.  I will definitely give the download link.

3 Android Apps to earn money by Playing Games on mobile in 2024

 1. WHAFF Rewards Android app

 Whaff reward android app is the best and proven way to earn income by playing online games.  Many people have downloaded this app from Google play store and used it on their mobile phones and earned money.

 You can save a lot of money from this reward app.  For example, after downloading and installing the app on the mobile phone, you need to login with FACEBOOK from the “login” option.

 Remember, you will use the BDRong99 code when you are asked to provide an invitation code after logging in.  You will be given a separate 3 DOLLAR.

 After logging in, you can earn a lot from aap.

 You are paid to download different apps.
 You can earn money by watching videos through video ads.
 Adscend media can earn money by watching ads on mobile.
 You will see many types of games by going to the premium packs option.  

The whaff app will pay you to install those games and play the games on your mobile.  You will be given some target to earn money from the game.  If you can complete them, you will be able to earn income.

 Apart from this, if you invite people to the app using your own referral code, you will be paid.
 Remember that as soon as you login with facebook, you will be paid $ 0.300 and you can use all the earned money in many ways.

 For example, you can transfer your earned money to the bank through Flipkart gift card, bitcoin, amazon shopping giftcard or paypal.

 Download WHAFF APP

 2. Big Time Cash - EARN BY PLAYING GAME

 If you are wondering if this app will really pay you to play games then hey.  But, as I said before, these apps will not make you rich enough to make income.

 Here you are given the opportunity to earn money through the game, refer people to the outside of the video ads (ads) can also earn online.

 You are offered a variety of fun games to earn tickets.  You can reduce the lucky ticket by playing any game.

 In fact, the more games you play here, the more tickets you will be given.  Your Paba tickets are sent to the lucky draw.  And, if you win your ticket in the lucky draw, you are given a cash price.

 The minimum payment amount of Big time cash app is $ 10 (dollar).  This means that if you have $ 10 in your account, you can transfer it to your bank account through your paypal account.

 So, you can win your ticket number cash price. So, download the app and keep collecting tickets while playing the game.

3. Bulb Smash

 This game is very straightforward and fun.  Here you are given a fun light breaking game.  Simply break the light with the head and cannon the points.

 First download and install the app on your mobile.  Then, open the app and login with your facebook or gmail account.

 After installing and logging in to the mobile, it will show you “super level” play & earn, you play the game from there.  You will be given points.

 The real way to earn money by playing this game is to earn money by referral.

 In the game you will get your own Refer link which you can earn up to Rs.60 by sharing a referral.

 Remember that when someone downloads the app from your referred link and registers in it, you will get referral income.

 You can transfer the earned money by paytm.

 Download bulb smash

 Then hopefully I have been able to explain better about the apps to reduce money by playing games on your mobile.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.