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10 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix (2020 - 2021) upcoming movies

10 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix (2020 - 2021) upcoming movies is very useful for spanish movie or flim lover.

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Watching Spanish language movies on Netflix is ​​a great way to practice vocabulary and hearing skills.  Spanish films allow you to learn about other cultures and gain exposure to different accents and swear words.

  If you are an intermediate or advanced student, I recommend observing with Spanish subtitles as studies show it improves language learning.  I wrote down any interesting new vocabulary and added it later to my Anki flashcards.

  Here are some of Netflix's top Spanish movies streaming in the US on May 22, 2020. You can watch these movies whenever you can, because the content disappears as soon as the licensing agreement expires.

  Netflix has so many great Mexican movies that I’ve made a separate list for them.  Also, don’t miss my suggestions for Spanish language TV shows on Netflix.

  If you are an Amazon Prime member, check out my list of Spanish language movies on Amazon Prime Video and for free for members of Spanish language TV show.

1. El Ciudadano Illustre (prominent citizen)

  The hilarious and moving story of a famous Nobel Prize-winning author, who returned to his western city in Argentina as an expatriate from Spain after many decades, with unexpected consequences.

  Pronunciation: Argentina, European Spanish

  2.  Perindendo El Norte (off course)

  Two local and unexpected young Spaniards move to Berlin in search of a professional job, but the last and most beautiful and entertaining Spanish comedy to work in a Turkish cafe.  Moments of some cultural misunderstanding.

  Accent: European Spanish

  3.  El Hoyo (platform)

  They will enjoy Netflix’s latest viral thriller for a tough stomach and sarcastic taste.  The claustrophobic foundation is a fitting metaphor for shelter these days.

  Inside a vertical prison, inmates are assigned to a level and are forced to eat rations from a platform moved between floors.  This dystopian Spanish horror film is a crooked social fairy tale about the darkest and hungriest about humanity.

  Accent: European Spanish

  4.  Vivir dos Vese (twice live)

  Note: Any English subtitles available for the YouTube trailer, click on the available Netflix subtitled trailer.

  Incredible, heartwarming Spanish joke.

  Emilio, a retired mathematics professor in Valencia, has identified Alzheimer's.  He and his daughter and granddaughter are involved in a quizzic quest to reunite with her childhood crush before her memory declines.

  Accent: European Spanish.  Some dialogue in Catalan.

  5. Roma

Directed by Alfonso Quiran, the Oscar-winning Netflix epic provides a clear, sensitive portrayal of household life and social hierarchy in the face of Mexico's political turmoil of the 19th century.
  Accent: Some conversations of Mexican mixtaques, indigenous languages ​​from Oaxaca.

  6. Du.  Duranta la yantrana (meraj)

  Note: Any English subtitles available for the YouTube trailer, click on the available Netflix subtitled trailer.

  Contratimpo is a Spanish thriller directed by the talented Adriana Ugar.  A space-time continuum glamor allowed Vera to save her son's life 25 years ago, but at the expense of her daughter, with whom she struggles to get back.

  Accent: European Spanish

7.  Sol.  Soltera Codicida (How to get through breakup)

  A heartwarming ad copywriter living in Lima, Peru, was inspired to write a blog about life as a single woman and was surprised by the success of her website.

  Peru writer Maria Jose Osorio's real-life blog Saltera is a light joke based on the Codicians.

  Accent: Peruvian

 8 .  El Hijo (son)

  Note: Any English subtitles available for the YouTube trailer, click on the available Netflix subtitled trailer.

  In this fragile psychological thriller set in Buenos Aires, the painter Lorenzo's life gets out of control because he fears that his wife is trying to separate him from their infant son.

  Based on a novel by Argentine author.

  Accent: Argentina Some limited conversations in Norwegian language.

  9. Wired la ira (sick man's wrath)

  This intense, dubious revenge flick has won four Goa awards.  A woman's violent boyfriend returns from prison and a temporary romance between a mild Madrid worker and a hard-working single mother turns into a fight for survival.
  Accent: European Spanish

  10.  Cartaristus (pickpockets)

  Click on the photo to watch the trailer on Netflix
  Rejectionable but entertaining Netflix follows what three teenage thieves can learn from the skills in the art of cheating to become successful pickpockets on the streets of Bogot.

  Stunning location shots of the Colombian capital, especially its stunning street art.

  Pronunciation: Colombian, European Spanish