Top 8 Doctors in United States of America | Best Doctor in USA 2020 - 2021

Top 8 Doctors in United States of America | Best Doctor in USA 2020 - 2021
Who is the best doctor in the USA?

  1. Best Doctors in America
  2. Robert Adler - Pediatrics.
  3. Sarah Badran - Pediatric Specialist.
  4. Eyal Ben-Isaac - Pediatrics.
  5. Mark S. Borchert - Ophthalmology.
  6. Danielle L. Borut - Pediatric Specialist.
  7. Michael David Bryant - Pediatrics.
  8. Gerald Bushman - Pediatric Specialist.
  9. Joseph A. Church - Allergy and Immunology.

America 2020 Best Doctor

  Congratulations to many of our physicians recognized on the 2019-2020 Best Doctor list.  University of Washington physicians have more excellent physicians than any other medical group in St. Louis.  One of the three best physicians in St. Louis out of the 1.9.6 physicians on the list is a physician from the University of Washington.

  The Best Physicians in America The Best Online Physicians, Inc.  Is an online resource developed by the best practitioners that physicians find most appropriate for evaluating other physicians' experience and skill sets.  Physicians are asked "Who would you choose if you or a loved one needed a doctor for your specialty?"  Complete information about the selection process can be found on the Best Doctors website. This list is published by St. Louis Magazine every August.

The 10 Cities With The Highest-Rated Doctors

Portland, Oregon.
Austin, Texas.
Boston, Massachusetts.
Seattle, Washington.
St. Louis, Missouri.
San Diego, California.
Chicago, Illinois.
San Francisco, California.

The top-ranked hospitals for rheumatology in the 2018-2019 report are:

Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Cleveland Clinic.
Hospital for Special Surgery, New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell.
Mayo Clinic.
Brigham and Women's Hospital.
Massachusetts General Hospital.
UCSF Medical Center.
UCLA Medical Center.

10 doctors who changed the world

Edward Jenner, MD, FRS, FRCPE: Discovered vaccinations.
Elizabeth Blackwell, MD: First female physician in the US.
Daniel Hale Williams, MD: First successful open-heart surgeon.
Sir Alexander Fleming, MD: Discovered penicillin.
Helen Brooke Taussig, MD: A pioneer in pediatric cardiology.

Thanks all.