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The Bong Guy Original Out Video (Hot News)

The Bong Guy Original xnxx Out Video (Hot News) true or false? 

Ans: it’s totally false news. Kiran Dutta Says Himself.
The Bong Guy Original Out Video (Hot News)

Full News: One of the most popular YouTubers of the time was 'The Bong Guy'.  Corona has given birth to a discussion with a grant of one lakh rupees.  He is also quite familiar with various videos of social awareness.
 This time he faced controversy.  Her picture is viral on porn sites!
 As soon as a couple of screenshots came out, the news spread like wildfire.  Not only that, Bong Gai famous Kiran Dutt also made an explosive allegation that the picture was edited with one of his girlfriends and posted on the relevant porn site.
 As soon as the screenshot of the photo came on the porn site, some netizens did not stop making nasty comments.  Many even called Kiran and asked, 'Is her porn out!'

 He has also heard harsh words from neighbors about this.  Although he did not give such an action at first, ‘Bong Gai’ opened his mouth in this regard after one nasty comment after another.
 The arrow of Kiran's complaint is towards a young woman.  He claims that he has caused this incident.  In a long post by sharing multiple screenshots, the famous YouTuber has unleashed all his anger.

 Kiran said that a picture of him and one of his girlfriends has been edited and shared on a porn website.  The one who did this, he shared the wrong information just for fun and caused the nasty incident.
 Kiran also said, 'I have already received some phone calls to see if any of my porn has been leaked!  This is a completely fake picture.  I have to listen to all this because I have published my own porn for the sake of negative publicity or fame. '
 Based on Kiran's post, many have advised her to take legal action.
 ‘Bong Gai’ has also thrown questions to the mimers (who spell mimes).  'Let everyone know what I should do.  Many say that I should not comment on everything.  But I found out that some children in my neighborhood are sharing this and saying that my porn has increased.  I don't care.  Honestly.  I see so many people's opinions about myself on the internet, I see so many lies, I don't care anymore.  Spread false news about me, but don't get involved with any girl or anyone.  I feel very sorry for myself that maybe he wouldn't have had to put up with these things without my friend.  And please don't end anyone's life in the name of Mim '- commented Kiran.

Thanks all.