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How to Select Seller information visibility for adsense | New Update 2020

How to select Seller information visibility for adsense | New Update 2020

Google Says:-  We encourage you to make your information transparent and allow your individual or business name to be listed. This will help advertisers to verify your inventory. If your information isn't made transparent, advertisers won't be able to see your name, which might impact your revenue.
How to set your domain? 

Simple, Just Select "Transparent" and your Domain name without Www. Http etc.

If you click Round Point than it’s will be Saved..

If you have no Domains.

Others Options:- 

Domain, Name, Seller Type, Seller ID

♥ For "Domain" :-  Already Displayed,

♥ For "Name" :-
Submit your Payment profile Name & Address or Business Name & Address section.

Note: If you change your name, this will result in an automatic payment delay of 2 weeks.

♥ For Seller Type:- PUBLISHER or INTERMEDIARY or BOTH. If you own the site you're monetizing and/or you're paid directly by Google, then you're classified as PUBLISHER. If not, you're classified as INTERMEDIARY. If you belong in both categories, you're classified as BOTH.

♥ for Seller ID:-
Your 16-digit publisher code, e.g., pub-1234567890123456.

Watch this videos for confrim.    
Your business domain (e.g., example.com). This is the domain that advertisers can use to learn about your business. If the only domain you own is the one you monetize with AdSense, then you should list that domain.

It is important to remember that if you do not select Transparent, your income may decrease.  Since, Google has asked us to select it, so we will choose Transparent.  Thanks everyone.