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Shorten URLS and EARN MONEY | Shrinkme.io Review

We are going to talk about Shrinkme.io.  There are hundreds of networks of URL abbreviations, and one of them is Schkochme.  You can make good money by shortening the links.  The best thing is that you can join and monetize any number of networks.

Shorten URLS and EARN MONEY | Shrinkme.io Review 2020

Shorten URLS and EARN MONEY | Shrinkme.io Review

How can you join the Shrinkme.io URL Shortening Network?

  Go to the Shrinkme.io signup page, fill in the details and submit.  You will receive an approval email immediately.  No time to wait.  Once you login to the dashboard you can use all the tools to shorten the links.

  What is equipment?

  You may have access to the following tools:

  Direct link

  The mass shrinks

  Full page script

  Developer API


  Do they have a referral program?

  Yes, they have a referral program.  The commission rate is 20%.  You can try to refer people even if you do not earn from short links.

  How and when will you be paid?

  Will be provided on request.  The minimum payment and related options are as follows:

  PayPal - $ 5.00
  Bitcoin - (0.0005 BTC) .00 20.00
  Paytm - 00 5.00 (for Indians)
  Skrill - $ 10.00
  Provider - 10,000
  UPI - $ 5.00 (for Indians)
  Bank Transfer - .00 20.00
  Litcoin (0.03 LTC fee) -. 20.00
  Ripple -. 15.00
  PhoneP - $ 5.00 (for Indians)

  How Much Money Can You Make?

  Rates range from 2.50 to 22.

What are the best features of Shrinkme.io URL Shortening Network?

  Pay lower threshold

  The signup bonus is 1$.

  You can track performance in real time.

  Publishers have a wide range of payment options.

  You can earn extra money through referral programs.

  What is the final conclusion?

  One has to join Shrinkmeway to earn a respectable income.  While researching this network, we received mixed reactions.  If you have worked with the Shrinkme.io URL Shortening Network, please share your experiences, hopefully this Shrinkme.io review will help people get started.

  Join the Shrinkme.io URL Shortening Network and start shrinking connections!

What is ShrinkMe.io?

  ShrinkMe.io is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which will pay you for free!  So, you can now make money from home while managing and securing your links.

  How and how much will I earn?

  How can you start earning money with Srinkme.o?  It's just 3 steps: create an account, create a link and post it - for each visit, you make money.  It's just that easy!

  20% referral bonus

  The ShrinkMe.io Referral Program is a great way to spread the word about this great service and make even more money with your short links!  Mention friends and get 20% of their earnings for life!

  Featured administration panel

  Control all features from the admin panel with the click of a button.

  Detailed statistics

  Know your audience.  Analyze in detail which one earns you the most and which strategies you need to adopt.

  Minimum payment

  You only need to earn $ 5.00 before you can pay.  We can pay all users through their PayPal.

  Maximum rate

  Make the most of your traffic with our ever-increasing rates.

Thanks all.