AdEx Dai to Binance Payment | Binance to Bkash

How to withdraw Dai coin from AdEx.Network?

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 AdEx network Dai coin to Binance easy withdrawal process for everyone| Binance to Bkash payment 

Currently AdEx Ad Network site is a new ad network site for website publishers.  Earning from this site is earning DAI Coin.

 As we know, 1 Dai = 1 $ and those who have joined this site as publisher, can not understand the payment.  So I'm trying to explain to you how to earn money from AdEx.

 For this you will need a Binance Account first.  You will first get the money earned in AdEx network at Binance address and then you will get it by exchanging from Binance.

The above video tutorial has fully explained how to take Payment Binance.

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