Top 6 Url Shortener to make money in 2024

Top 6 Best Url, Link Shortener website to make money in 2024

Today I will share with you the top 6 link shortener or url shortener websites of 2024.  Sites that are 100% trustworthy and website publisher with high CPM.  3$, 4$, 5, 6$, 7$, 8$ upto 24$ CPM rate available for every country.

Top 6 Url Shortener to make money 2022

Top 6 Url Shortener websites list

  1. shrink.pe
  2. Smoner
  3. Uii
  4. Shrtfly
  5. Cutwin
  6. Adshrink


  Shrink.pe offers 10$ as the highest rate of traffic from Greenland

  Shrink.pe is another URL shortener that offers up to $ 10 per 1000 views.  Shrink.pe is one of the url shortener websites that pays $ 8 for traffic from Gibraltar and Iceland.  Follows 7$ for San Marino traffic.

  If you are looking for Indian url shortener provider.  Then shrink.pe is one of your choice.

  Most importantly, Shrink.pe offers the same rates for both desktop and mobile / tablet traffic.  The lowest CPM rate offered is $ 2.50 for traffic from the rest of the world (excluding the 14 countries listed).

  Other features of R shrink.pe include,

  The minimum payment limit for withdrawal of your earnings is 5$.

  Publishers receive payments through PayPal, WebMoney, Payeer, Skrill, PaySera, Neteller, UPI and Bank Transfer.

  You can earn 20% commission when you specify a new sign up.

  An easy to use API helps you shorten links faster

  24/7 customer support

  Sign up @ Shrink.pe


Smoner.com Pays $5 as the highest rate for traffic from the United States
You can count Smoner also in the list of url shortener when you look for making money by url shortening.


The feature of Smoner includes

You get paid when users click the link from any part of the world.
The minimum payout is $3 and paid via PayPal.
Payments are paid daily.
Smoner pays up to $7 per 1000 views.
Along, you can earn 10% of commission when you refer a new sign up.

SIGN UP @ Smoner.com


  Uii.io offers 2$ to 7$ for 1000 views as the highest rate in Tier 2 and 3 countries
  U30 is a free URL shortener tool that pays you too.  To get started, you create an account, create a link and post it.  Uii.io is a sister site of short.pe and powclick.

  uii - Get short url and pay
  The main features of Uii.io,

  This is a platform for publishers
  The U3O 1000 offers up to $ 8 per visit
  Payment for 1000 views: up to $ 8 (min. $ 3)
  Minimum payment: $ 5
  Referral Commission: 20%
  Payment Options: PayPal, Pioneer
  Payment time: Daily
  Sign up @ Uii.io

  4. Shrtfly

  21$ higher payment for CPM from Greenland Traffic
  Shrtfly 2021 is a new payment link shortener company.  This is one of the best current url shrinkers to create an account.  You can monetize your url links with banner ads as a publisher.

  shrtfly pays 21$
  The earning method at shrtfly.com is very easy to use.  All you have to do is shorten their URL links using their tools and share those links online.  Also, Shrtfly is the most paid url shortener in India.

  Shrtfly provides multiple payment methods for its users.  Such as PayPal, Payza, Paytm, UPI, BitCoin and Indian Bank Transfer etc.

  The main features of Shrtfly,

  Payment for 1000 views: up to 15 (min. 3)
  Minimum payment: $ 5
  Referral Commission: 30%
  Payment options: PayPal, Payza, Paytm etc.
  Payment time: Daily
  Sign up @ Shrtfly.com

  5. Cutwin

  Smoner.com offers 8.10$ as the highest rate of traffic from Germany
  CutWin is a new, high-paying URL shortener website.

  This, of course, allows online users and publishers to make money by shortening URL links.  And share their links.

  In addition, it gives publishers and Internet users a simple platform where they can use their high-level tools to sort their URLs.

  Ultimately, it helps them maximize their earnings and keep an eye on their short links.

  Payment Options: Payment for 1000 views: up to $ 9
  Minimum payment: 1
  Referral Commission: 20%
  Payment options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, Vodafone Cash
  Payment time: Daily.
  Sign up @ CutWin.com

  6. Adshrink

  Adshrink.it offers 7.50$ as the highest rate of traffic from the United States
  Adshrink.it is called the most profitable URL Shortener in the world.  How?  As a publisher, you get 80% of its advertising revenue.

  Born in 2016, it is considered one of the most trusted URL shorteners on the web, one of the favorite web sites that generates a large number of views.  It has also been chosen for its solid programming framework that does not create failed problems so as to give users a streamlined work platform.

  In addition, Adshrink.it gives you the best analytics tools for your links and a sleek browser extension to shorten your URLs.

  Here are some tastes to start using Adshrink.it.  It has got 50,000+ registered users, has already gained 300,000+ short links and has already clicked 20,000,000+ links.  What else?  Use Adshrink.it now to increase your revenue.

  Sign up @ Adshrink.it

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