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Top 7 Bitcoin Ad Network Site for Publishers & advertisers

Today I will tell you in detail about the best 7 Bitcoin & crypto Advertising Network or Cryptocurrency Ad Network site with high CPC & CPM for publishers, advertisers 

Top 7 bitcoin ad network

Best Bitcoin Advertising network site list in 2022

  1. A-ads
  2. Bitmedia
  3. Cointraffic
  4. Coinad
  5. Coinzilla
  6. Adcryp
  7. Adex

1. A-Ads Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Ad Network or Advertising network in the world 

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Currently, A-ads Ad Network site is the best of all Bitcoin Ad Network sites. One of the reasons why Bitcoin is so popular is that any website owner can join the site as a publisher.  They have no additional requirements.  So those who have a website can earn bitcoin from here.  a-ads publishers earn CPC and CPM.  Their CPC rate is 0.02$ for all country traffic and CPM rate is 1.00 $ to 100$.

Best bitcoin Crypto Advertising Network in 2022 info:

A-ads Payment proof:

A ads is one of the best adsense alternative site in Bangladesh India and Pakistani traffic, So, A-ads is number one in bitcoin ad network list. No requirement for approval any websites owners can use a ads bitcoin ad network site, payment method is also easy solution. Everyone can received payment via cryptocurrency exchange website.

2. Bitmedia.io Best Bitcoin Advertising Network in the Cryptocurrency market 

Bitmedia is also best bitcoin ad network in the world. But bitmedia approved only for Cryptocurrency basic website. It’s common requirement of Bitmedia.io advertising network. 

3. Cointraffic Review

How to get started with Cointraffic?

  Getting started with Cointraffic is not a big deal because it is quite easy to get started.  All you need to do is sign up as an advertiser if you want to buy or sell crypto ads.  Cointraffic also provides you with a self-service tool that allows anyone to start serving ads or monetize a cryptocurrency website within minutes.

  Creating Campaigns for Advertisers:

  Creating a campaign takes three simple steps.  Using the Cointraffic self-service tool, you choose one or more ad formats, fill out the details requested for the launch, and increase the budget.  Your ad campaign will begin after a quick review by Cointraffic.

  Cointraffic statistics for the website:

  With Cointraffic's amazing feature, you can easily check the detailed statistics of your website to see how it works.

  To check your website reports, open the Websites section of your Cointraffic Dashboard, select the website you want to analyze, and go to the Sub Reports tab where you can easily get detailed insights into daily impressions for each ad format.

  Cointraffic ad format:

  Currency Traffic offers you different types of ad formats such as static banner ads, slide banner ads, sticky footer ads, native ads, mobile banner ads and desktop and mobile pop-under ads.  Below is a list of ad formats with their sizes:

  Slide banner ad (300 × 250)

  Page banner ads (728 × 90, 300 250, 160 × 600)

  Premium header

  Sticky banner ads

  Background banner ads

  Desktop pop-under advertising

  Mobile pop-under advertising

  Slide banner ad: In this case, the banner appears in the corner of the screen above the main content which instantly attracts the attention of the viewer.

  In-page banner advertising: In-page banners are placed in the most perfect position and with great brand awareness that makes it the best choice for marketing in today’s era.

  Premium Header: As the name implies, premium header is another type of banner ad located at the top of the page that extends to the full width of the user's screen.

  Sticky Banner Ads: You may have noticed a banner ad that usually appears when the page loads and you scroll the page.  This ad doesn't even disappear when you scroll until you hide them.  This type of banner ad is known as sticky banner ad.

  Background Banner Ads: Background banner ads are known as the king of visitors generators because they are placed on the left and right side of the page and increase the awareness for your visitors.

  Desktop Pop-Under Advertising: This ad format is probably one of the best ways to get your audience's attention to what you're offering.  Whenever a user opens a website, popup ads appear a few seconds later and take your visitors to your targeted link.

  Pop-Under Mobile Advertising: The same method is used for pop-under desktop ads as is followed by pop-under mobile ads because it displays pop-up ads to get viewers' attention when they are active on the site and leads to their target link.

  Requirements to join the Cointraffic ad network:

  Cointraffic is the only crypto ad network that provides the best traffic quality, especially on crypto niche sites.  But not everyone can easily join this network because they only approve professional and reputable sites with good quality content.  With this type of strategy, they offer higher pay rates to their publishers as well as advertisers.

  The minimum requirements for joining the Cointraffic ad network are as follows:

  The site must have good quality content with unique articles and a user-friendly interface.

  Requires a top level domain

  The site must be related to a crypto-currency niche like Bitcoin.

  The site must not contain inappropriate content such as adult content, PTC content, viruses, proxies and other illegal content.

  Your website must have at least 10,000 unique visitors per month.

  Key Features of Cointraffic Ad Network:

  It is a crypto ad network known as bitcoin ad network.

  Offers a variety of ad formats such as banner, native, press release and pop-under advertising.

  Payment withdrawal facility is only less than 25.

  Prompt payment processing within 1-2 days of request.

  Reporting system enabled.

  24/7 support.

  Which site is not allowed?

  Cointraffic does not approve sites that are not relevant to the crypto-currency market.  They directly reject those requests.  So before applying to this ad network, be sure to have a site relevant to the cryptocurrency niche.


What is CoinAd?

  The platform is designed to facilitate bitcoin advertising.  More specifically, the platform will be used to initiate special advertising in a simple but effective way.  Buying ads using cryptocurrencies and creating new campaigns is becoming one of the most popular ways to spend cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.  And CoinAd wants to be a better platform when it comes to paid advertising with crypto.

  How CoinAd Bitcoin ads and traffic banner exchange ads work

  The platform will help you instantly buy closer to bulk, highly targeted lasers like targeted ads from high quality, manually created and tested ads.  They will focus on narrow niches that focus on specialized websites.

  Last month, CoinAd was able to serve 1,393,852,999 banner ad impressions, making a total of 2,172,919 banner clicks.  These metrics are where more than 100 niche websites have completed.

  The platform has been promoted to the world’s largest niche banner advertising network service.  Standing on top of rest to create results that are not seen on any other platform in the world.  They are exclusive to cryptocurrency users, and only specially invited publishers are allowed to use the platform with the assurance of quality control.

  CoinAd also generates the highest quality traffic, never a random click farm.  And all traffic sources are high quality from branded, trusted and best websites.  They give only the best prices and full figures with complete clarity.

  The banner advertising platform is designed to impress at a price per banner.  Advertisers and publishers who run pop under the network make the platform the easiest, most effective around.  And the system works for publishers and advertisers alike.

  This is easy for advertisers, they can only publish their website aimed at advertising and then choose the place where the banner will be placed.  After that, they will be able to choose the number of impressions, ending with the purchase.  No account is required, or any verification process that the user must go through.

  There is also a run-off network option, which allows for large amounts of traffic at high speeds.  You can use this option if you want to buy all the traffic possible with each banner across the board for your niche section.  And all banner spots are checked for conversion rate, CTR and traffic quality.  If you can handle it, this is the way to get 100K clicks per week.

  Quality control is done for all publishers.  The company has a high Alexa ranking with high quality traffic and the most trusted websites.  Publishers are manually fully verified by the individual and are intended to build a long-term relationship.

  The value of the company is also guaranteed to be fair across the board.  You always get what you pay for, and they drive traffic with complete transparency - showing you a complete analysis and metrics of each campaign.

  When it comes to publishers, they pay weekly - directly to their Bitcoin wallet or PayPal.  They are only accepted by invitation.  And calls and other websites are accepted only on the basis of high Alexa ranking rankings.  You must have unique branding to be a publisher on the platform.  Special sites are also measured from site to site and there is no guarantee that any website will be allowed.  Even after being invited.  This is to help protect advertisers who spend capital on the platform.

  CoinAd Conclusion

  The platform is designed as one of the most effective banner advertising companies in the world.  They have a proven track record with more results than almost any other agency that ever existed.  If you're serious about being an advertiser or publisher with the company, visit CoinAd.com and see what it looks like for you.

5. Coinzilla

Coenzilla is one of the few modern advertising networks that pays publishers in bitcoins and is a complete solution for advertisers and publishers.  They offer multiple ad formats that are highly responsive in both mobile and desktop traffic.  So basically, whether you have mobile or desktop traffic, you can easily monetize your traffic through this network.

  You have a detailed post about this ad networking platform with all the connected benefits for advertisers as well as publishers!


  Coinzilla Review 2022: Can it be seen by trying ??

  About Coinzilla

  Coenzilla is a digital advertising network and one of the crypto / bitcoin advertising networks that works with crypto related websites and projects.  Based in Romania, the network gives advertisers the maximum opportunity to promote their ads by providing standard IAB banners and native banners.

  The biggest thing about Queensila is that they accept all types of websites that do not comply with their terms, including adult content websites.  The community guidelines defined by this network are very simple for publishers and their requirements are not too high.  Allowing publishers with a good quality website to join this network without any hassle!

  Convenience for advertisers

  One of the very few advertising networks that actually pays in Bitcoin, Coenzilla has been identified as a paradise for advertisers.  Advertisers who sign up with Coenzilla will enjoy the following key benefits:

  Standard traffic

  Strict approval criteria for publishers;

  Minimum deposit 50

  Anti-fraud measures

  We offer sub IDs for all advertisers;

  Campaigns are approved within hours, even faster.

  Budget Capping, Advanced Campaign Creation and Optimization, Native Advertising

  Supported as SEPA, SWIFT, BTC, ETH and Bank Transfers payment methods

  Ad format for publishers

  Publishers who sign up with Coinzilla will be able to experiment with different ad formats for monetization from their website.  The network currently offers the following 5 ad formats for publishers to use.

  Description of the classic banner

  These offer an easy way to get your audience's attention.  On user displays, they are highly noticeable and enhanced by HTML5 posters which can give excellent results in your campaign.

  Native ad description

  Native advertising is ideal for blogs.  Their format mirrors the design of the website and editors can customize the ad format using their public API.  MGID is a reliable and powerful domestic advertising market for advertisers and publishers, you can see a detailed MGID review here.

  Pop-Under Description

  The pop-under format introduces a cabinet that has the advertiser's landing page behind the contents of the user's active window.  Single opt-in offers basically use this ad format.

  Description of header banner

  The title banner is always placed at the bottom of the website, similar to the sticky flag.  Their placement always attracts the attention of a visitor, making it highly effective.

  Description of Sticky Banner

  Sticky flags are always placed under the table and will only appear when the website visitor navigates through the website.

  Price model

  Coinzilla's working models are CPM and CPC (Native Advertising).  They have recently created a self-service ad network that advertisers and publishers can use as they wish.  They provide different marketing strategies for editors depending on the performance and content of the website.  Statistics are updated every 5 minutes and are paid daily.

  The sales patterns that this ad network uses are CPM and CPC, so both notes and clicks will pay you.  Coinzilla enables global editors to monetize their traffic with them.  They also offer the highest filling price so you don't have any unsold traffic.

  Any pre-requisites?

  There is not much need for conjilidos, except for the ones we mention below.  As such, it ensures that any publisher, including an average website, can apply to join this network:

  Your blog's Alexa traffic rating must be less than 1 million.  Any intermediate website in traffic can easily reach an Alexa score below 1 million.  But if you have trouble getting your beautiful Alexa rank then you can follow our post.

  The reference age of your website must be at least months.  Domain-aged websites under 3 months of age are not allowed to access this network.  I don’t think it’s a very big need, because after 3-4 months we usually start to get some traffic.

  Your website should be professional and have some quality elements.  If your website has a nice portable layout, this will be a plus point for you.

6. AdCryp

Adcryp.to is an online marketplace where advertisers can sell their ads to publishers who will return return traffic to advertisers.  Adcryp.to supports advertisers and publishers of all sizes.

  Advertisers just need to submit their ad and configure their target audience and budget using the advertiser's account Adcryp.to.

  Publishers can start earning money within 5 minutes after the website is approved.

  Minimum profit can be withdrawn using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.  Ad sales and traffic exchange are automatically handled by the highly sophisticated Adcryp.to platform.


AdEx Google adsense alternative AdNetwork site Review for India, Bangla Traffic in 2021, 2022 

Adex Ad network site is now Trusted. It is not a Scam site. Everyone can earn money from Adex network. AdEx dot Network site CPM is 0.10$ - 0.15$ or Dai Coin. It is fixed CPM rate (AdEx Ad Network site) for any publisher. This is best adsense alternative for Indian and Bangladeshi traffic or content. High Cpm for small website publishers.

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A-Ads vs AdEx Ad Network | Adsense Alternative | India, Bangla Traffic

AdEx.Network is best adsense alternative like a-ads.com. Ad Ex fix CPM is 0.10$ to 0.15$.

Adex is best Google adsense alternative in 2021 - 2022


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