Unity Ads Review in 2024 | High ECPM

Unity Ads Review in 2024

High ECPM rates for United States publishers

Unity Ads Review in 2024 | High ECPM

How much do Unity ads pay?

Unity Technologies

Yep, the average eCPM (effective cost per 1000 impressions) ranges from $6 to $12 USD. And you're right, this does depend on a number of factors, such as regional pricing and billing type. This is why it's common to see periods of no revenue as well as revenue spikes.

What are Unity ads?

Unity Ads is a comprehensive monetization platform for Unity, iOS, and Android developers. Use it to easily monetize your existing player base, or fuel your player acquisition strategy by advertising your game across the world's largest gaming community.

Is AdMob better than Unity ads?

Briefly Unity Ads vs AdMob:

While Unity Ads are valid for games only, Google AdMob is valid for both App and Game. The unity ads network has links to some of the biggest brands and advertisers looking for game inventory. Unity Ads has been hugely popular and known for its highest eCPM for award-winning video ads.

Unity Ads Review in 2024

Unity Advertising is Unity Technologies' mobile game advertising monetization solution.  This enables mobile game developers to monetize their entire player base, through ads that are local to unity-based games.  Thanks to its smooth integration, Unity ads allow game developers to target players who are probably interested in trying a particular game.  It also allows game developers to increase their player base LTV (Lifetime Value).

The platform is compatible with all game engines including Corona, Marmalade and Adobe Air among others, and works with Android 2.3 upwards and iOS 4.0 onwards, giving it large reach on the market.  It is also mediation-ready, being coded to accept plug-ins from SkyRocket and MoPub.

  • Industry-leading eCPM
  • High global fill rate
  • Built-in to the Unity Engine
  • Used by Ruzzle: over 35 million players in 128 countries.
  • Over 200 million installs in 3 years
  • Near-real-time reporting with web dashboard and API.
  • Unity Ads Info
  • Types: Ad Servers, Mobile Ad Network
  • Ad Formats: Banners, Interstitial, Video
  • Models: CPI, CPM
  • Trading Models: Real Time Bidding

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