How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh 2022

This topic about of How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh 2022

Money income by writing Online income BD Payment Bkash 2022

How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh 2022

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Today I will talk about one of the easiest ways to earn money online.  And this is the income by writing on your own blog.

Money income by writing  Online income BD Payment Bkash 2022

You can earn money by writing any good & educational subject as per your wish.  This will require a smart phone and the ability to write.

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You can do everything with mobile, those who want to start writing now, first open a website for yourself Blogger.Com, it will not cost you money, everything can be done for free.  Those who do not understand how to open a site on Blogger, go to YouTube and search "Blogger site opening rules", then you will get how to open a site.

Easy way to earn money 2022

Then when the site is open, you can start writing.  And the more people read your writing, the more money you can earn.  You can apply to Google Adsense by writing.  If your writing is standard, you will get approval in Google adsense.  And you can earn hundreds of dollars from Google.  Which will be available later in Bikashe or in the bank account of Bangladesh as money.

Income Proof Video:

Income Proofs

Lekha lekhi kore Taka income, lekhalekhi

In 2022, a website to earn money by writing stories, poems, assignments is developing a payment
Develop a website payment to earn money by writing
Income from writing

You know what!  Hundreds of people are earning money by writing online.  What are you looking for people who are earning lakhs of rupees every month by writing story poems and assignments just sitting at home?  Maybe you got it, because in the current era of YouTube and Facebook, there are no secrets.

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But what do you think, what are you searching on Google!  Online income development, rocket, cash payment?

Areh, buka you are doing that kind of nonsense, what to do by working on a site that pays for development or up.  It is true that money can be earned by writing in Bangladesh, it is also true that it is not possible to get payment through money development.

But did lightning strike your forehead!

Making Money Writing Website Payment Bkash-2022

There is no reason to worry, you can earn money by writing and you can take it in your pocket so you don't have to look for sites that pay for development.  If you think that you can earn money by writing online, then you can go to the world famous site Blogger and create a site.  Then you can earn money by writing stories, poems, history or Bengali assignments as you wish.

Now you may be wondering again, if you write on Blogger, how will the money be income or how will it come in Bangla pocket.  It's easier said than done.  Then apply on Google Adsense Ad Network site.  And oh  You can add payment method from Adsense Settings.

You can receive the money you earn by adding any bank account starting from Rocket Bank account in Bangladesh.  However, money cannot be brought in bKash or 11 digit mobile banking number.

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Last word: I have tried to tell you the right way or method of earning money by writing online.  I have been able to share some valuable information on this short topic.  Those who are interested in learning more about this can follow a good channel on YouTube

Below I provide a link to a YouTube channel, where all the new video tutorials on real income are given.

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