How to get Outsourcing work from Bangladesh in 2024

40,000tk per month income by outsourcing (with proof) in Bangladesh

40,000tk+ per month income (with proof)
I am able to earn 40 thousand tk per month by outsourcing only with my mobile phone, which has become possible at home.  If you want you can.  I had to struggle for only 3 years to earn forty thousand rupees per month. Outsourcing Work from Bangladesh in 2024 100% profitable. 

Take a look at the proof of 40,000tk+ income: -

👉 Video proof link: 40k + tk income in one month (video proof)

How can I earn 40 thousand+ BDT per month?
Those who have watched the payment proof video tutorial from above may be wondering how this is possible while sitting at home.

Outsourcing job in Bangladesh

Then read the details: I have a lot of hard work behind my current income!  There are many avenues for online income.  But I chose the path of earning money by opening a free blogging website and writing 3 more years ago.

Opening a website on Blogger is absolutely free. Anyone can open a website on Blogger and write, and everything can be done with mobile.  So I chose it.

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Since then I have been posting regularly on the Blogger website.  And I have written thousands of posts day and night, without eating ..... I have written like this for 3 years in a row  Later when people started coming to my site to study, I was able to start earning money by placing Adsense & a-ads ads.

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So who is giving priority to my 3 years of suffering here.  Those of you who want to outsource with the same difficulty as me, can join my YouTube channel.  I am directly uploading video tutorials to teach you blogging so that you can earn income like me.

👉 YouTube channel link: Mizan Technical

Easy way to earn money in student life
If you want to know, is it possible to make money online in student life?
Find out the easy ways to earn money in student life

Then the only answer will be to earn money as a student.  However, many people do not know the easy ways to earn money.  Many may find out the wrong information which leads to students being deceived in the wrong path.

So today I will talk in detail about the easy and real way to earn money in student life.  If you want to make easy money online in the right way, you must first have a good idea about the platform.  You need to study in detail about which platform you will work on.  Then you will not be cheated.

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Many people nowadays want to know about freelancing secrets, many of us understand only one thing by freelancing like: fiber, freelancer.com etc.  In fact, they work for others, and require a computer.  And getting money is a lot of trouble.

Did you know that freelancing or outsourcing is also possible with good quality mobiles?

In this case, you do not have to work for others, you can earn 20 thousand to 20 lakh per month by doing your own work.

But what are these secrets?

This is an easy way to work hard, you can earn a good amount of money in student life as well as study.  For this you need to start working by blogging on Blogger  You don't have to be admitted to any freelancing institute to learn blogging.

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You can learn with mobile and do everything.  For this you can take the help of YouTube and Google.  Blogging on Blogger will not cost you any money from your pocket, but you will have to write a lot.  The more you can write, the more you will have the opportunity to earn income.

I can earn money by writing on the blog myself, for this I did not have to learn by holding hands.  By studying on my own from Google, now I can earn over Rs 40,000 per month (Alhamdulillah)

Watch my payment proof video: -

Link: 40 thousand Taka+ per month income proof

You can join my YouTube channel to participate in a free course on blogging  I am giving detailed A to Z video tutorials about blogging and all for free.  I have already given 163 video tutorials, all of which are blogging related.  I hope that students like me with a complete idea about blogging will be able to earn 40 thousand rupees + income per month.