Earn money from Google Adsense in Bangladesh

Easy Earn money from Google Adsense in Bangladesh

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You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.  People love online nowadays.  At this time of technology we are all dependent on the internet.  The Internet is now our hope to know anything.

Earn money from Google Adsense in Bangladesh
Earn money from Google Adsense in Bangladesh

 Google is an Internet-based service provider.  One of the most used Google services is Google Search.  Use more or use less.  We are talking about, can we use this Google to make income?

 Yes, the good news for you is that there are some easy ways to earn money from Google.  Those who want to use their time at home can easily earn money from Google.  Today we will learn how to make money from Google.  Let's find out.

Earnings from Google in Bangladesh without investment 

 Earn money from YouTube- 20000tk Daily Income BD 2021

 The most popular video watching site is YouTube.  You can also earn money from YouTube.  You can earn money by uploading beautiful videos on YouTube.  However, the video must be your own.  No type can be copied.

 Different types of videos can be shared here.  Different cooking videos, study videos, online courses, educational videos, travel videos.


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 In order for people to learn or know something from the video or for the video to make people happy, these things need to be taken care of.  In addition, you can create videos of your products on YouTube, promote from there and sell products.

 Earnings can be made through affiliate marketing on YouTube or through various sponsorships.  If you work in sponsorship, then in addition to earning from Google, a certain amount of money is also earned from that company.
 To make money from YouTube, you must first open a YouTube channel.  Then you have to slowly upload the video there.  Income will increase with the increase of viewers.

Earn money from Google Adsense - 1000 tk Daily Income BD 2021

 Google Adsense is a kind of intermediary website.  Through this, various ads are shown.  Google pays us by showing this ad on the website or YouTube.

 How Google AdSense works: Google AdSense takes ads from different companies for money.  Now the question is, where will this ad show?  It is not possible to show it on television in Bangladesh, right?  So, they show this ad on YouTube and various websites respectively.  Seeing that ad on our website.  It is but the ad shown from Google.

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 How to make money in Google Adsense: Revenue depends on your visitors or views.  Google AdSense pays website owners 8% and YouTubers 51%.  This means that if Google takes 100 rupees from an ad company, then Google keeps 49 rupees.  Gives the rest of the money to YouTube.

 When your website, blog or YouTube channel becomes popular, you will add Google Adsense there.  Google will show them the ad there.  Google will pay when someone sees and clicks on this ad.

 To do this, go to Google Adsense's website and add your own blog or website or YouTube channel.  If a certain amount is credited to the account, the AdSense code needs to be verified.  Then gradually there will be revenue from Google.

Earnings from Google in bd

 Make money by blogging- 20000tk Daily Income BD 2021

 You can earn money from Google by blogging. Per day 20,000tk income is very easy for blogging. If you are a very good blogger, this opportunity is for you.  Blogger is a service of Google.  You can earn money by writing various articles on the blog.

 You can write on a blog with different topics.  When people search Google for something related to that topic, everyone will see your writing.  In this case, the writing quality should be good.
 Blogging can be both Bengali or English.  Before writing about any subject, you have to do research on that subject.  You have to make sure that the writing is very beautiful and informative.  You can also earn money from more than one blog.

 Qualifications you need to blog:

 A domain and a website.
 Adequate knowledge about SEO.
 Money like writing by yourself or writing with someone else.

 To earn money by blogging, you need to open a blog from blogger.com.  You can also open from other places.  However, then you have to choose a beautiful name for the blog.  Must take a specific domain.

 If you can't create a website, Omar Faruk can get one from this web developer at low cost.

 Then you have to submit this blog site to Google search console.  Then you have to start writing different things on the blog.  If the content and visitors of the blog gradually increase, you have to apply for AdSense.  After applying for AdSense, you will start earning money from Google.  If it's ড 100 per month, Google will send the money directly to your bank account.

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 Last word: this is how you can earn money from Google Adsense.
 Thanks everyone.