Newspaper Composition for all class student in BD

Newspaper Composition for all class student in Bangladesh 

Newspaper Or

The Importance of Reading Newspaper Or, The Role of Newaspaper in Modern Life.

Newspaper Composition

Introduction: Newspaper that carries the news of the whole world. It brings the world before us. At present every country has newspapers of her own. Its Bangali name is, "Songbad patra". The regular readers of newspaper are very anxious for it. In the modern world it is the part of civilization. Even we cannot think of modern life without it.

Newspaper Composition for all class student in BD

History of it: The history of the newspaper goes back to the 16th century. China was the first country to introduce newspapers. During the Mughal period, there was a kind of newspaper in vogue in the 'Indo-Pak' Sub-continent. But its circulation was limited only for a few high officials and courtiers. In Europe, Venice was the first place to publish newspapers. "India Gazette" was the first newspaper in Indo-Bangladesh. It was published in 1744. The Daily Azad' was the first daily newspaper in Bangladesh. Now-a-days newspapers are highly developed.

Kinds of newspaper: There are various kinds of newspapers. Such as dailies, weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies, half-yearlies and yearlies. Dailies mainly gives us news. Weeklies, bi-weeklies and monthlies contain stories, articles, dramas and poems. They supply good literature. They review the best books of the day.

Usefulness and importance: Now-a-days,

newspaper performs important function in our life.

The newspaper has made the world smaller. We can know the important facts of all the countries from newspapers. Distance is no longer distance to us. The whole world seems to be our home and all human beings our brothers. It helps us to express our opinion and establishes a good relation between the rulers and the ruled. We

also can advertise through the newspaper.

It is the store-house of knowledge. We can acquire

knowledge about the world through newspapers. So to give importance on the newspaper is very vital. Evil works of newspaper: Newspaper can also bring harmful affect to the society. Sometimes the editors of the newspaper used the paper as a sharp sword. If false news are published it may brings disorder to the country.

Conclusion: Inspite of all these disadvantages newspaper rulling whole world. So it should be neutral. Truth should be the main aim and object of every newspapers.

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