Outsourcing job in Bangladesh 2023

Online income 2023 through smartphone at home  Online income bd-2023

 Hope everyone is well.  Today online income bd-2023 will be analyzed with detailed description and explanation.

 Coming in 2023, for those who want to earn money online from home, 100% effective and real guaranteed easy ways are shared today.  All can be done with an Android mobile phone.

 Online Income 2023 through Smartphone

 Outsourcing - How to learn outsourcing  Online Income Idea in 2023

 How to learn outsourcing?  This question is a common question in our country.  Outsourcing - Outsourcing is an online based job or work through which money can be earned easily by doing the work of other countries while sitting in one country.

 So there is a strong desire among most of our educated young generation in Bangladesh to learn to earn money by outsourcing along with their studies.

 About Outsourcing Learning Ways:

 If you want to learn outsourcing, then first you need to know and understand it well.  If you think you have to enroll in various institutes to learn outsourcing!  Then there is no doubt that you are thinking wrong.

 You can join Outsourcing Institute to learn outsourcing or learn details about outsourcing from your friend.  But it's not like you can't learn outsourcing without someone directly helping you.  Of course you can learn everything by yourself.

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 Always believe that any institute or organization or your dear sir, they will never want to waste their time with you even for a second, unless they benefit.  However, you may have some freelancer friends around you who will give you detailed and simple knowledge about outsourcing for nothing.  So if you want to learn outsourcing you can stay with a good experienced friend.

 More: How to start outsourcing?

 👉 Website payment development to earn money by writing

 And with self-confidence, one can learn details about outsourcing without help.  YouTube and Google will help you the most for this.

 You just search and study.  For those who want to learn outsourcing, they can choose two easy paths.  One is blogging and the other is income by making videos on YouTube.

 Earn money by making videos on YouTube

 Outsourcing i.e. if you want to bring money to Bangladesh Bank by earning dollars, you will not find such an easy option like YouTube.  Because if there is an easy way to outsource in Bangladesh, it is to earn money by making good YouTube videos.  If you want to know more details about this then search on google or youtube how to earn money from youtube.  Then you will get details with proof.

 Earn money by blogging on your own blogger website for a fee or outsourcing

 Now you can make a blogger website only with mobile phone and earn money by writing  It does not require any special qualification or certificate  Those who want to outsource blogging or writing, just search YouTube or Google for "the right way to earn money from blogger website" and learn everything step by step.

 Also, for those who want to learn outsourcing by watching video tutorials related to blogging, a YouTube channel link is given below.

 Income proof of my website:

 YouTube Channel Link: Mizan Technical

 In today's topic, you can learn more about earning money online with mobile phone 2022, the easiest way to earn income or income.

 Outsourcing job 2022 (Outsourcing job in Bangladesh)

 What is outsourcing?

 Answer: Have you ever heard the question of what is outsourcing?  Or have you ever wanted to know more about outsourcing!  Or you already know what outsourcing job actually is.

 If you don't know then know, outsourcing job is basically to earn foreign currency by doing the work of another country while sitting in one country.  Most of the outsourcing jobs are completed online  Those who earn money through online outsourcing are also called freelancers

 Now you might be thinking that earning money by doing outsourcing jobs might be a lot of fun.  If it feels like this, it is true that your mind is thinking correctly.  Now the question is, since you can earn money by outsourcing, how should the newbies start?  No problem read carefully….

 Many of those who want to earn money by outsourcing jobs, think that outsourcing may require spending a lot of money from their own pockets, such as enrolling in various institutes and taking courses, expecting to learn outsourcing by paying someone, etc.

 The real thing is that to learn online outsourcing or freelancing or blogging you don't have to enroll in an institute, you don't have to pay anyone to learn.  Now you may think how to learn.  Wait bro I'm telling you the truth….


 How to start outsourcing jobs?

 The first thing you need to have to start earning money from outsourcing jobs is a lot of patience and confidence.  Must have the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood, those who do not know the difference between truth and falsehood, can become victims of online fraud, so every step must be taken carefully.

 Before starting an outsourcing job, it is important that you know what kind of work can be done easily and which will last for a lifetime.

 For those who are new and want to start outsourcing, I am sharing some ideas:

 Outsourcing Job Ideas: Some of the Best Outsourcing Ideas |  The best ideas for outsourcing

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 👉 Income 20 thousand taka per month (payment proof)

 You can get detailed idea about outsourcing by following the link given above.  But I want to tell you how to start.


 Those who want to start outsourcing jobs can:

 If you want to start outsourcing, you can do two things, since outsourcing can be done from home and absolutely free, you can buy blogging on Blogger or making videos on YouTube.

 1/ If you want to do blogging on Blogger, you can create Blogger website for free and write money income and search on Google, you can learn the rest of the work for free.

 2/ If you want to do outsourcing by working on YouTube, you will get all the information if you write the rules of earning money from YouTube and search on Google.

 Remember that both YouTubeing and blogging can be done on mobile, and I do it myself.

 My Video Link: Earn 32 thousand rupees per month

 You can visit my YouTube channel to know and learn more.

 YouTube Channel: BDRong24 Technical

 Mobile diye taka income |  online earning 2021, 2022 in Bangladesh.  I earn $200 plus per month.  I have shown the payment proof in the video.  Mobile diye taka income 2022, Mobile phone diye taka income 2022 bKash payment

 My Latest 12 Days Income Proof Video:


 I am able to earn money by blogging myself, and I did not go to anyone to learn blogging, only sitting at home, I was able to get complete education of Blogger from Google and YouTube.  And now started earning some money.

 My Income Proof 2021 Video:


 And I have done all the work of blogging through mobile phone, the work of laptop or computer can be done with Desktop Mode using Chrome Browser.  Everyone remember that.


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 I want to move forward with God's grace.  But for those of you who are more educated but looking for a job, blogging education is even more important.  Blogger is an easy way to earn remittance.  Which is managed by Google Dara.  The address of the place is Blogger.Com

 Many people may think that how to get money after blogging is successful only Text blogging and YouTube to get money, you don't need to leave the house!  And there are easy payment methods for Bangladesh.

 How do I write a blog post Video:

 But in graphics design or other market place Jamela Puha.  If you don't get blogging money from Bikash, you can get money directly from Rocket Mobile Banking.  Besides, the money will come directly to all bank accounts in Bangladesh.  So why delay and start working by reading the topic below.

 Make Money By Blogging - Make Money By Blogging

 We have various methods or ways to earn money from internet. Although we all want to earn money from internet but we all cannot do this task due to proper guidelines even though it is easy.

 First of all you need to decide what you love to do.  You can find work online or work on the work you love to do and make money online very easily.  First of all we all need a good guideline to earn money online.

 There are more:

 Build it yourself website like BDRong24  How to Make a Website in Bangla

 After a good singing, what is needed is patience and persistence.  If you don't have the right goals and patience then you will never succeed in making money online or you will never go very far in doing so.  Make Money By Blogging

 Basically, today's topic is aimed at those of you who love to write very well, a way to earn money online.  And the name of this method is how to earn money by writing or blogging.  (Make Money By Blogging)

 This blogging topic will give complete A to Z guide on how to earn money by blogging. So let's know without delay how to earn money by blogging in today's episode details.  Visit the blogging page to know more about it.  (blog google)

 ** Those of you who love to write in Bengali can start blogging in Bengali and those of you who have good command of English or love to write in English can start blogging or writing in English***

 Earn money by blogging

 You can earn money online by blogging in various ways.  The methods by which money can be earned from blogging are mentioned below-

 1. Google Adsense Income: When you start blogging for writing or create a website, after publishing a certain number of articles, you can apply to Google for Adsense.

 Google Adsense

 When you get Google Adsense, your income will be based on the number of visitors to your website.  Basically, Google Adsense does not pay on visitors, it pays based on the country from which visitors are coming to your website and how many clicks are being read.

 Currently many people in our Bangladesh are earning at least 10 to 2 lakh taka per month by publishing Bengali content on just one website.  Although it is surprising but it is possible to earn such income only by using Google Adsense and there are many other methods.

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 2. Affiliate Marketing: Apart from blogging, if you contact a company or join their website and offer their products to your visitors, then the commission you will get from there is basically Affiliate Marketing.

 Affiliate Marketing

 Currently, there are many freelancers in Bangladesh who have earned two to three lakh taka per month by doing affiliate marketing only without Google Adsense.  Most of them are involved in the world's largest Amazon Affiliate Marketing (Amazon Affiliate Marketing).

 And others:

 Make Website Earn Money |  Online income bd payment bKash 2022

 However, if you add affiliate marketing to your website after getting Google Adsense, then your income may double if you have a good idea about marketing.

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 3. Sponsorship: When you build a website and publish content regularly, eventually your website will get a fairly good position and get fairly good visitors to your website every day.

 From then on you will be requested by different people i.e. people from different companies to keep their company's ad code on your website for a certain period of time.  By contacting them early, you will receive a commission based on the size of the ad they place on your website and how long they keep it, essentially the income from the sponsorship.

 If your website has fairly good visitors then you can earn huge amount of money every month just from sponsorship.  But in this case you only need to focus on your website content and visitors.

 4. Income by selling website: When you complete customization of your website you can sell your complete website to someone else if you want.  তবে এক্ষেত্রে আপনার ওয়েবসাইটে যদি  ভিজিটর না থাকে তাহলে ওয়েবসাইটের মূল্য খুবই কম হবে ।  আর যদি মোটামুটি ভালো ভিজিটর থাকে তাহলে উচ্চ   দামে আপনি তা অন্যদের কাছে বিক্রি করে দিতে পারবেন  ।

 অনেকে আছেন যারা শুধুমাত্র  ওয়েবসাইট বিক্রি করে মোটা অংকের টাকা ইনকাম করে  থাকেন  বলা চলে ওয়েবসাইট বিক্রি খুব ভালো একটি বিজনেস এর পর্যায়ে পড়ে যায়।তাছাড়া ব্লগিং শেখার মাধ্যমে আপনি বিভিন্ন মার্কেটপ্লেসে  এর উপর কাজ করতে পারেন এবং সেখান থেকে একটিভ ইনকাম করতে পারবেন।

 আরু পড়ুন: 

 Top 5 Apps for Earn Money in 2021 - 2022

 উপরোক্ত  মাধ্যমগুলো ছাড়াও আরো নানা উপায়  অবলম্বন  এর মাধ্যমে ব্লগিং করে টাকা আয় করা সম্ভব।আমি আপনাদের সাথে ব্লগিং থেকে আয় করার সবচেয়ে সেরা মাধ্যমগুলো শেয়ার করেছি 


 Mobile diye Taka income in 2022 from Bangladesh with 100$ Earning Proof | Payment Bkash

 Mobile diye টাকা ইনকাম করা ভিডিও টিউটোরিয়াল সাথে রয়েছে ৫ দিনে ১০০ ডলার আর্নিং করার পেমেন্ট প্রুফ - বিকাশে পেমেন্ট পেয়েছি। 

  100$ ইনকাম প্রুফ:


 Mobile diye Taka income 2022 with 100$ Earning Proof | Payment Bkash

 Mobile Diye Taka income kora jay, jara Mobile diye Taka income korte chan & Payment Bkash, Nagad, Rocket এর মাধ্যমে নিতে চান তারা ভিডিও টিউটোরিয়াল দেখে দেখে টাকা আর্নিং করা শিখে নিতে পারেন। 

 নিচে ইউটিউব চ্যানেল লিংক দেওয়া হলো: 

 Channel Link: BDRong24 Technical 

 উক্ত ইউটিউব চ্যানেলে মোবাইল দিয়ে টাকা ইনকাম করার যত রিয়েল প্রুফ এবং পদ্ধতি রয়েছে সবই শেয়ার করা আছে। এবং নতুন নতুন ভিডিও টিউটোরিয়াল তৈরি করা হয়। যা দেখে বাংলাদেশের যে কেউ অনলাইনে mobile diye টাকা ইনকাম করতে পারবেন। 

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