Argentina's first opponent in Qatar World Cup-2022 is Saudi Arabia

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Fifa world cup 2022

ARG vs Saudi Arabia head to head

 Before FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Argentina vs Saudi Arabia head-to-head football matches have been held 4 times.  Argentina won 2 of them.  But Saudi Arabia could not win a single one.  However, the remaining two matches were drawn.

 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Live Football Match (Qatar FIFA World Cup-2022)

 Friends, this year Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022: Argentina will face Saudi Arabia in their first match and Saudi Arabia will play their first match against Argentina.  

The football match between Argentina vs Saudi Arabia will start at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar.  Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia Stadium for Fifa world cup 2022 is Lusail Stadium.

 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia live on Tuesday 22nd November at 4pm Bangladesh time in Qatar FIFA World Cup Football 2022.  You can watch the game live on TV channel screen or streaming online.

 Who is likely to win?

 Only Allah knows best who wins and loses in the competition or war.

 However, from the estimated probability, according to Google data, the probability of Argentina winning is 83%.  Saudi Arabia has a 5% chance of winning and a 12% chance of a draw.  But the team that plays well can win.

 Success of Argentina Saudi in the last 5 matches

 Guys, Argentina have won 4 of their last 5 matches.  The remaining 1 match has been drawn without defeat.  On the other hand, Saudi Arabia has won 2 of the last 5 matches and there have been 3 draws.  They also have no defeat.