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Top 3 Best Universities in Canada | Canadian Top University of 2020 - 2021

Top 3 Best Universities in Canada | Canadian Top University of 2020 - 2021  

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Top 3 universities in Canada:

Top 3 University Details:  

1. University of Toronto: Originally controlled by the Church of England, the first university to be established in the colony of "Upper Canada" is structured as a collegiate system much like the prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.  The seven colleges have different histories and traditions.

  The University of Toronto has many pioneering achievements to its name, becoming Canada's first academic publication, the country's first faculty of forestry, and the first Canadian university to reach more than C $ 1 billion (58 586 million) in endowment.

  The Toronto School of Literary Criticism and Communication Theory, the NP-completeness theory in computer science, and research into stem cell therapy began an influential academic movement at the university.

  The University Campus in the suburbs of Toronto has a number of historic buildings and courtyards that compete best in Europe.

  More than 700 undergraduate degrees and 200 postgraduate degrees are on offer and the university is one of the best in the world for treatment.

  Notable alumni include five Canadian prime ministers and writers, Michael Wandatze and Margaret Atwood.  In total, 10 Nobel laureates are approved with the university.

2. University of British Columbia: The oldest university in the province, the University of British Columbia is one of the most competitive in Canada.

There are two campuses: one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna. The main campus in Vancouver is near several beaches and boasts views over the North Shore mountains. There are a number of botanical and memorial gardens on campus as well as a renowned performing arts centre.

The university offers a number of scholarships, including the Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award for candidates from war-torn countries.

Eight Nobel prizewinners are associated with the university, as are 71 Rhodes scholars and 65 Olympic medallists.

The world’s largest cyclotron – a type of particle accelerator – is housed at the university, in TRIUMF, the country’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics.

The university is organised into 12 faculties on the Vancouver campus and a further seven on the Kelowna campus. The university offers a special joint undergraduate programme with Sciences Po in Paris.

Three Canadian prime ministers have been educated at UBC, including current prime minister Justin Trudeau, who graduated with a bachelor of education degree.

3.  McGill University: McGill University is the only Canadian institution representing the Global University Leaders Forum at the World Economic Forum, comprising 226 heads of the world's top higher education institutions.

  It was founded in 1821 and the main campus is located at the base of Mount Royal in the suburbs of Montreal.  Many first-year students also live on campus, like Park.

  The original building of all kinds was built using local gray limestone, which gave the campus an attractive aesthetic gift.

  In 1829, McGill established the country's first faculty of medicine, and to this day the university achieves particularly high scores in world rankings for clinical subjects.

  The university offers more than 300 degree subjects to more than 31,000 students from 150 countries.  It considers itself one of Canada’s most internationally diverse organizations.

  Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and actor William Shatner graduated from McGill.  The university educates more Rhodes scholars than any other university in Canada.