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Canadian Top 10 Movies on netflix 2020 - 2021 - Top Flim in Canada

Canadian Top 10 Movies on netflix 2020 - 2021 - Top Flim in Canada great box office of 2020 - 2021 flims

Canadian Top 10 Movies on netflix 2020 - 2021 - Top Flim in Canada

Top 10 Very Best Movies on Netflix Canada You Haven’t Yet Seen

1. End of Watch (2012)
2. Warrior (2011)
3. Wind River (2017)
4. Hell or High Water (2016)
5. Shoplifters (2018)
6. God’s Own Country (2017)
7. On Body and Soul (2017)
8. System Crasher (2019)
9. Capernaum (2018)
10. The Guilty (2018)

10. Fault (2018)

  Before you press play in this movie, I advise you to take a deep and deep breath.  The suspense is so strong that you can't even breathe before you know what happened.  And to achieve these it uses nothing but amazing acting and an amazing story.  One person and a house equivalent to the 911 police station in Denmark.  That's it.  He received a call that turned his night around and put him in front of a very important question about his ethics and how far he could go to help them.  The movie sounds like it was made on a 100 million budget, but the reality was far from it.  It doesn’t even believe in the budget.  Grab someone by your side and look at it so you can discuss it later.

  Staff rating: 90%.  R rated in Danish.  Netflix in Canada and the UK.
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9. Capernaum (2018)

Capernaum is both the highest-grossing Middle-Eastern movie of all-time and the highest-grossing movie in Arabic of all-time.

This Oscar-nominated masterpiece is about a 12-year-old kid in Lebanon who leaves his negligent parents and tries to make it in the streets on his own. It’s a tale of grinding poverty as experienced by a boy with a good heart and more resilience than one can fathom.

An acting tour de force by the child actors keeps the movie engaging throughout the grittiness and asks some hard questions about parental failures and parental love with the bigger regional political questions hovering silently in the background. Tough but ultimately uplifting – a movie to discuss.

Staff rating: 90%. Rated R. In Arabic. On Netflix Canada, and India.
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8. System Crusher (2019)
  This is one of the craziest, most high-powered movies you'll ever see.  This is the case of a 9-year-old who considers the healthcare system to be a “system crasher”: anyone who has exhausted every option of child protection services and still fails to improve.

  This girl, known as Benny, wants to get out of the system and go back to her mother, but her mother is afraid of her.  She was introduced to her new shelter by a social worker who tried a different approach in one of her last attempts at reform.

  System Crash is a wild journey, but it’s made with so much heart that the thrill never feels silly: it’s a movie that will stay with you for a long time.

  Staff rating: 90%.  In Germany 12. Rated Netflix in Canada, Germany and the United States.
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  7. Body and Soul (2017)
  On Body and Soul is the impeccable craft winner at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival.

  Two strangers have the same dream every night, they meet as deer in the forest and eventually fall in love.  In real life when they run towards each other, they unknowingly look for the love they experience.  Their introverted personalities and the reality of their surroundings make it difficult to make the same connection.

  This unconventional love story is passionately told by Hungary's best director Ildika Enyedi.  Earlier, he took an 18-year break from making movies, this is what it means when you look at it in body and soul.  This break was probably the only way to bring something as thoughtful and creative as this.

  Staff rating: 90%.  Not rated.  Hungarian Netflix in Argentina, Canada, India, Mexico, South Africa and the United States.
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  God's own country (2017)
  Call me by your name without any privileges, hypocrisy or wealth and this is probably a better movie than this.  A child named Johnny from Yorkshire countryside and underclass in God’s own country tells the pressures and responsibilities of family work fell on his shoulders when his father suffered a stroke, which brought him into more loneliness and isolation.  After meeting a Romanian farmer, his perceptions of loneliness, gender, and intimacy began to change.  A beautiful and beautiful humanitarian film and the incredible debut of British director Francis Lee.

  Staff rating: 91%.  In English.  Netflix Australia, Canada and Germany
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  5. Shoplifter (2018)
  Shoplifters are the winners of Japan’s Cannes Film Festival 2018.  It’s about a poor family made up of short-term outlooks who survive shopping among other petty crimes.  They take a new girl found outside in the winter and introduce them to an otherwise happy family.  But when the second youngest member of the family is teaching himself to shoplift, he faces a moral dilemma that threatens the fabric of the family.

  From fame director Hirokazu Coreda and if you don't know who he is - he's really trying to see his other movies.  Namely, still walking, like a father, like a son, and after a storm.

  Korea is often cited as the best surviving Japanese filmmaker, and shoplifters are convinced that he deserves the title because of the solid story and the slow-burning nature are sure to stay with you for a long time.

  Staff rating: 91%.  Rated in Japanese.  Netflix in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India and Mexico.
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  4.  Hell or High Water (2017)
  From one small town to another, two brothers, one extremely cautious and the other low, travel and bank robberies.

  Chris Pine and Ben Foster did a great job as brothers.  Their personalities share signs of nurturing their common bread while seemingly opposed.  Their journey is as much about them as it is about the decaying cities they roam around, making this modern-day crime not only a great thriller in the West, but a tribute to Texan life.

  Staff rating: 91%.  Rated in English.  Netflix Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

3. Wind River (2017)
Phenomenal and heartbreaking, Wind River is a true masterpiece by Taylor Sheridan, the man behind Sicario and Hell or High Water. In a Native American Reservation, a local girl is found dead and a young detective (Elizabeth Olsen) tries to uncover the mystery. She is accompanied by a tracker (Jeremy Renner) with his own dark history in the community. It’s not a very rewarding movie at first, so don’t expect an incredibly fast-paced story from the get-go. However, when everything unfolds, it’s not only action-packed, its reflections on indigenous communities are deep and poignant. How this remains a relatively known movie is shocking, it has to be one of the best mysteries of the past 20 years.

Staff rating: 92%. In English. On Netflix Canada, Japan, and Sweden.
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2. Warrior (2011)
Do you know those movies where you just look at the poster and you go “damn this will be good”? This is absolutely not one of those, but I promise, it’s still great. Warrior is surprisingly sophisticated for its genre, awesomely executed and what about the acting you say? Hardy and Edgerton are strong together (pun intended). Warrior is a movie filled with authentic emotions designed to give you hope that something unconventional can still come out of the genre.

Staff rating: 94%. Rated PG-13. In English. On Netflix Canada, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, and UK.
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1. End of Watch (2012)
First off you have to remember it is the same writer as Training Day. Then you have to believe that he must have gone to a joint training camp between the Taliban and Mexican Cartels or something since Training Day to come up with such a tense, unpredictable script. But End of Watch is more than that. It is warm and sweet (yes), and a great showcase of Gyllenhaal and Pena’s talents — which thanks to a documentary-style cinematography, and the actors’ 5-month immersion program with actual LA cops, make for a very authentic, rich, and overall exciting film.

Staff rating: 95%. Rated R. In English. On Netflix Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, and USA.
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