Top 6 Bollywood Movies 2022 | Best Bollywood Flims All Time in 2022

Top 6 Bollywood Movies | Best Bollywood Flims All Time review in 2022 you can download any others site & enjoy   

Top 6 Bollywood Movies 2022| Best Bollywood Flims All Time in 2022

1.Bodyguard (2011)

Lovely Singh is assigned to be the bodyguard for Divya, the beloved daughter of a national politician with many enemies, but things get complicated when Lovely finds himself falling in love on the job. There are cool fight sequences and fun dance breaks in this one—we love duality!

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2.Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (2019)

LGTBQ narratives are slowly but surely making their way into mainstream Bollywood cinema, and EK Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga is helping lead the way. The heartwarming film depicts a closeted woman's journey to personal freedom and her fight for acceptance from her traditional family.

3.Dhoom 2 (2006)

In one of those rare cases where the sequel surpasses the original, Dhoom 2 is believed by many to be the best film in the Dhoom franchise (which, by the way, is the the second largest Bollywood film franchise in terms of box-office revenue). Think Fast and Furious, but in Hindi and complete with lively musical numbers.

4.Bajirao Mastani  (2015)

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When Peshwa Bajirao (Ranveer Singh) falls for Mastani (Deepika Padukone), the daughter of a Rajput king in need of his fighting prowess, despite already being married to Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra) a ill-fated love triangle forms that alters the very course of their lives.

Fun fact: Bajirao Mastani marks Singh and Padukone's second onscreen romance after starring in Ram Leela in 2013, and the two actors tied the knot IRL in 2018!

5. Devdas (2002)

Shah Rukh Khan (told you he'd appear on this list a lot) takes on the titular role of Devdas, a man who returns to India after previously leaving the country to study law in England. His forbidden love leads him to a battle with alcoholism that impacts the lives of the people that he loves most.

6. 3 Idiots (2009)

This is a amir khan movie. This coming-of-age dramedy follows three engineering students' trials and tribulations as young people, offering a tongue-in-check critique of the state of the Indian education system and the stress it creates.