Online earning from Bangladesh in 2024 without investment

How can I make money online in 2024 from Bangladesh without any investment 

How to make passive income earning from Bangladesh?  What does it mean to create passive income online?  This means you earn money while you are not at work, but enjoy a holiday paradise in a foreign country.  It's fun, isn't i

How can I make money online in 2021 from Bangladesh
How can I make money online in 2023 from Bangladesh

  Table of contents

  •   Here are 18 easy ways to earn passive income on the internet
  •   Start creating YouTube videos.
  •   Create a website for affiliate marketing.
  •   Sell ​​your pictures on the internet.
  •   Write an e-book
  •   Sell ​​your own products.
  •   Accept a blog that already exists

  •   Start an e-shop
  •   Be a referral resource.
  •   Create an app
  •   Create an online course
  •   Google AdSense
  •   Grants
  •   You can also get grants on YouTube.
  •   Selling advertising space
  •   Create a manual
  •   Invest in real estate through crowdfunding
  •   Invest in stocks
  •   Borrow peer-to-peer (P2P)
  •   You make money with the things that you already have
  •   What is the best way to generate passive income online?
  •   Do you want to generate passive income online?

  It is becoming increasingly popular not only to generate passive income through the internet, but also online and offline.  But how do you earn such an income?

  When asked, "How do you make extra money?"  Most people answer "Find a side job or work more hours."

  Regardless of the direction of time, of course, it is much better to work smart instead of working harder.  It is good to find a method that allows you to make money with little time and investment.

  In other words, create a passive income!

  In this article, we will show you 18 ways on how you can achieve this and start generating passive income online without too much effort.  I am sure you will find at least one method that will be suitable for you.  How to make money in 2021, how to make passive income online and share some passive income ideas in 2021.

Are you enthusiastic  Let's dive!

  Here are 18 easy ways to earn passive income on the internet from Bangladesh in 2024

  If you want to make money bd in 2021, we have some great passive income ideas for you.  Below is a list of 18 ways to make money online, passively and easily.  Despite the great variety, you have probably already heard about some of them.  Go through all of them and choose the best methods for you.

  Are You Ready To Make Passive Income Online?

Start creating YouTube videos.

  Making videos for YouTube is a fast growing game.  Nowadays, you can film from anywhere with even high quality camera on your phone.  And the videos you make can be really anything.  Think about makeup, sports, crypto, and someone's daily life (vlogging or keeping an internet diary).

  The possibilities are endless!

  Photo of Ter Terje Soli

  You will spend a lot of time creating videos, especially when they are still editing.  Once done, they can generate passive income online for a long time.  You will earn money with "Google AdSense" ads that appear in your videos.

  Who can teach you better to be a super YouTube than PewDiePie's 100M subscribers?

  You will be paid whenever someone sees or clicks on this ad.  Prices are low per view, we’re not talking crazy money here, but if you’re having a lot of opinions, it’s becoming a big stream of revenue, especially when you create content every day.

  The big YouTube stars, whose videos get thousands of views every day, are only earning full time from YouTube.

  Create a website for affiliate marketing.

  Another very interesting way, especially for people on existing blogs or websites: affiliate marketing.  You can use it to place links on your blog that promote the product.  For example, you will receive a certain amount or percentage of sales for each order placed through your link.  Do you have many visitors who are interested in specific products or services?  Then you can definitely make a great passive income through affiliate marketing!

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  There are numerous platforms where you can find companies that do affiliate marketing.  They want to sell something, especially through channels as much as possible.  If your website has enough visitors, then those companies are interested in doing business with you.  However, you can also start a very targeted micro niche website that will generate revenue even with small traffic.

  The best way to create a website or blog is to choose a topic that interests you and promote relevant products or services for this niche.  It increases your conversion rate!  Read more about performance marketing software.

  Sell ​​your pictures on the internet.

  Do you like photography?  If so, you may be able to create an excellent source of passive income with your pictures.  You can post pictures taken on so-called stock photo websites, such as Shutterstock or iStockPhoto.  This way, you get a certain amount or percentage for each customer who buys your picture through that website.

  If you build a beautiful portfolio, you can make a lot of money through it.  Posting your picture is not difficult.  The whole process is fully automated.  And the biggest thing is ... every picture you take can be sold over and over again and there will be a composite income.  Ideal, isn't it?

  Remember that your pictures must be really good and high quality.  Smart to see what is already in high demand.  So make them a little with a commercial diagonal;  It works best 9 times out of 10!

  Write an e-book

  Writing an e-book seems like a lot of work at first… and it is!  But once done, it can be a fruitful source of income.  Your books can be sold through your own website, but, for example, through Amazon or Clickbank.  That way, you reach a wider audience together, but make sure your e-book is readable. 

  You can write on any topic, but you must know a lot about the topic.  Give the reader a lot of useful information, use the right words, make it exciting and easy to read.  Have you ever encountered a problem that no one is writing about yet?  Then you may have a gold mine in hand.

  Even with 1 good book, you can make a nice passive income for a long time ... because sales can be limitless!

  Sell ​​your own products.

  Creating your own product can be considered a very broad topic, where you can sell almost anything.  You can make your own products or make them cheaply in countries like China.

  For this you need to create your own website, where customers can order products.  Another way is to keep the product on Amazon, which increases the chances of selling more.

  Les Marie Leslie is selling her own products online

  Always make sure you have your own website.

  When you sell your own product, you have more profit margins, more freedom, possibly more market dominance, and more opportunities to sell.  That way, you can quickly sell more through larger platforms (such as Amazon).  They can even arrange complete handling of your orders, giving you more time for marketing and creativity.

  No matter how much time you give, it is a great source of passive income!

  Accept a blog that already exists

  Are you able to get an existing blog at a good price?  Then you can make a very beautiful passive income through this blog.  Blogs are being created all the time, but not all of these blogs are being used to their full potential.

  So use this idea smart.

  You can do this with Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.  Blogs with lots of authority and monthly traffic are ideal for this.  Financially, your blog should be worth about 24 times your monthly income.  If the income is $ 300 per month (especially consistent over several years), then you have a value of $ 7200.  This is certainly good, if you can handle less.

  Pay attention to whether this is really a beautiful blog, or whether the owner wants to get rid of it for some other reason.  Intelligent affiliate marketers make 10k from their website, so there are definitely some places to make money!

  Start an e-shop

  Starting an e-shop is also a good idea, where your own products are not necessarily needed.  Starting an e-shop where your passion is-makes it more fun and profitable.  You can start small ... and when all goes well, expand your range with more related products.

  You have to do a lot of work for this, but you will create more passive income.

  However, don't you want to be busy with your ish?  You can then automate several processes.  For example, you can opt for dropshipping, where products go directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to your customers.  You can keep product storage on Amazon or ShareASale and get full perfection by these parties.  It saves you time and you get a lot of "exposure" for your products.

  Lots of features that may take some time in the beginning, will generate passive income online later in autopilot!

  Be a referral resource.

  Any small (start-up) business can use referrals, which leads to more sales.  Make a list of the companies you visit regularly and what you can recommend to others.  Then, ask them when they give you some sort of commission when customers come to those companies through you.  This can be a nice side-stream of earnings.

  You can even create a website for it with recommendations or quotes (something like a portal).  Also, use social media and other online ways to increase exposure.  When you go a little smarter, your earnings can suddenly increase.

  It is important that you do not spend too much time on it.  But it easily creates a snowball effect.  This way, you also create real passive income and you can do other interesting things while generating money in the autopilot.

  Create an app

  You can start creating an application.  Yes, I know it's not for everyone, but it's not difficult.  You need to ask yourself a number of questions.

  What do you want your app to do?

  How do you make the app attractive to users?

  Will you solve any problem with it?

  How does your app make users' lives easier?

  And how are you going to market your app?

  Of course, many developers want to publish an app, so really different.

  It starts with a good idea, but then you have to spend time developing it.  Your application may be complex, but very simple.  Think of some games that are not literally understood, but have a great play time.  By adding ads, you can make a lot of passive income with apps.

  You can buy low-cost apps at very low prices, which will be associated with widespread use.  That way, you can make money year after year with 1 created app.

  If you are a beginner, watch this detailed video tutorial ready to get started:

  Create an online course

  Everyone specializes in one subject or another, so why not create an online course for it?  This can be a great source of passive income!

  You can communicate this in a variety of ways.  For example, there are websites like Udemy.com, where millions of students are looking for new online courses every day.  You can of course post your online course on many other websites including Amazon.  There are plenty of sales channels where you can sell an online course, just use Google which is the most suitable.

  Now it is important to do a nice online course.  If you post your online course on an international platform, you need to do it in English.  Video lessons, checklists, use of small e-books for help, pictures, and, for example, an audio version to strengthen your content.

  Also, create 3 different packages with the corresponding price section.  In this way, you reach out to each customer, so that you take full advantage of the customer volume and earn more.

  Google AdSense

  Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to generate passive income online.  You advertise on your website or blog and you don't have to do anything about it.

  Earnings are generated every time a visitor clicks on your ad.

  Although you earn only a few cents per click, it can add up when you get a lot of visitors.  The percentage that clicks per day can thus lead from excellent pocket money to full monthly income.

  So it works best when you have a website that is well visited.  This can help you grab an existing website.  You can integrate AdSense very well, for example, affiliate marketing or other revenue models.  In this way, you generate more revenue through a website.

  What's the best spot for Google AdSense?

  Pay attention to where you place ads.  Here are the best locations for your website

  Inside the content

  In the header

  And the left side of the sidebar

  Also, make sure that Google uses the recommended dimensions.  And use ads with pictures, but only with text.  By measure, that combination gives the most results!


  Passive income can also be made by putting the donation button.  It may not be a constant source of income, but it can add up.

  You work hard on your website, probably not getting paid.  Some visitors are happy to give you a hand.  When it is regular, you can earn beautifully with it.

  The best way is to post new content regularly and be really valuable to your visitors.  In this way, you build a community little by little ... so that people are more interested in donating.

  You can use PayPal for this, for example, by creating a donation button with your account (or create it first).  And then put it on your website.  Most people have a PayPal account and they can donate some money for free and fast.

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  You can also get grants on YouTube.

  You can also get grants on YouTube.  In addition to a passive income on YouTube with your videos, this is an additional way to make quick income!

  This often happens in live streams, where you can sometimes increase the amounts significantly.  Okay, you need to create a huge audience first.  But there is a very good chance that they will give you something.  Suppose you are doing a 1 hour live stream so that you answer the question.  Then you can earn a nice extra percentage with it.  And your live stream will be seen again later, where you advertise again.  So do you combine regular videos with live streams?  Then you can make money in 2 ways.

  With grants, it’s certainly true that you’ve got them.  This is great when your customers donate.  It gives you extra for all your efforts.

Selling advertising space

   Do you have a website or blog with a lot of visitors?  Then you can also provide advertising space for companies that want to advertise on your website.  For example, you can put a banner in the title for a certain amount each month.  With a few banners, you make a lot of money.

   Create a manual

   Are you looking for additional ways to earn passive income?  Then writing the manual can be your cup of tea.

   You can create very detailed manuals for the most specific topics.  A manual helps people achieve a specific goal step by step.  Usually, this is by a small fee.

   Another way is to provide the manual for free using a different revenue model.  Think of Google AdSense, affiliate links, subscriptions, or other things.

   This is a smart way to make extra money!

   Invest in real estate through crowdfunding

   Investing in real estate is a very lucrative way to generate passive income on the internet.  However, buying a house or apartment is not really cheap.  Therefore you need to have equity capital or take a loan from a bank.

   But there are ways to do it differently.  For example, you can invest in real estate through crowdfunding.  You don’t have to deposit a lot right now and you can start with a few hundred euros.

   For example, if you look at the Fundrise.com website, you will see that it can earn about 8.7 to 12.4% interest.  You don't have a fixed percentage guarantee, but you will make extra money no matter what.

   Invest in stocks

   Buying stock can generate passive income online for you for a long time.  In many cases, you buy shares, and you claim a portion of the profits (dividends) every 3 months.  Are you going to buy shares?  Then do it from companies that are reliable and have the potential.

   You can learn more about how the stock market works.  This way, you will be able to buy stocks at lower points.  Of course, for big companies there is always something wrong with the company when the shares are low.  If the shares rise again, you can take advantage of the rise.

   Depending on how much you invest, you can earn an excellent passive income for a long time!

   Borrow peer-to-peer (P2P)

   Creating passive income online is probably not your first idea.  But borrowing peer-to-peer can be profitable.  You get interest on money given to others.

   Some people do not qualify for orthodoxy through traditional financial services providers.  However, some platforms lend it

   Makes people possible.  You can register yourself, and this way, lend money to others.  It doesn’t even have to be in very large quantities.

   You will then receive interest on the borrowed money.

   In most cases, this will make you some extra money, but consider the risks carefully.  There are different categories, namely low risk, medium risk and high risk.  They indicate the risk of certainty.  So pay attention to this!

   You make money with the things that you already have

   You can make money with the things that you already have.  These include reading emails, shopping online, and searching the Internet.

   Of course, it may not bring much more than the other ways mentioned.  But it is also a way to earn some extra, for which you do not have to do anything extra.

   However, we suggest going the other way.

   What is the best way to generate passive income online?

   There are many ways to create passive income.

   Our advice is to focus on the serious ways in which you are really building an online business.  They take you a while to get started.  But you will make (lots) of money online quickly and for a long time!

   You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

   Do you want to generate passive income online?

   We’ve shown you different ways that you can make money online without spending too much time on it, leaving you plenty of time for other fun or interesting things.  The 2020 trend of passive income is constantly changing, but you can always find something that is right for you.

   The list is as complete as possible so you can choose the one that works best for you.  This way, there is something for everyone!

   How to make money bd in 2022 bkash payment ?

   If you want to make money in 2021, nothing has changed since 2020, but it's safe to say that after the coronavirus epidemic and for money, people are turning to approved marketing and online income opportunities.

   How to make money online in 2022 from Bangladesh ?

   Making money online in 2021 is much easier than ever, as most people are turning to digital advertising, making money from top referral programs, affiliate marketing and blogging.

   Passive income website for sale?

   If you’re looking for a passive income website for sale, it’s best to check out places like Namechep Marketplace or Flipper, where people are selling established websites that already generate passive income.

   How to earn 2021 passive income continuously?

   The only way to continue to have passive income in 2020 is to set up a micro niche business and build authority in your niche.  You can make money through affiliate marketing, advertising space sales or even programmatic advertising.

   Is it possible to earn 2022 rupees online?

   Sure!  The only problem with making money online in 2021 is that the competition is huge and it may seem that some affiliate marketing niches have become overcrowded.  However, you can overcome this by targeting your efforts on a micro niche website.

   2021 What is the best way to make money?

   The best way to make money in 2021 is still promoting affiliate marketing products through trusted affiliate networks, selling advertising space, freelancing or starting your own digital business.

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   Is it possible to make the remaining income from a digital advertising service?

   If you are running a digital advertising service, only the remaining revenue from advertising is possible, but you still need to be actively involved in your business, close contracts, get new clients, send payments.  Although the income is absolutely inactive and can rush a nice side.