Best Google AdSense alternatives for blogger in 2022

Best Google AdSense alternatives site for blogger in 2022 

Google adsense alternative site publishers need a lot, because there are many websites, adsense approval is not available on all those sites.  So the alternative of adsense is to make money using ad network site.  Below is a discussion of some of the best ad network site or Adsense alternative site of 2022.

The best adsense alternative site of 2022

1. A-Ads 

For those who are currently looking for an adsense alternative site, know that A-Ads is the best adsense alternative site in 2022.  Which is good CPC, CPM rate in any country.  If you use this Bitcoin Ad Network site, you will understand that this is the best adsense alternative.  There are no requirements to get approval.  Publishers of any country can take payment through Bitcoin.

Payments Proof:

2. Adsterra

Adsterra site can be used as an adsense alternative, but it will not get the same CPC, cpm rate for all countries.  High cpm for traffic in Europe, Watch this video for more information, everyone can use adsterra.  Payments proof or earning proof is available in this Video.

Earning Proof:

3. Adsense

Adsense ads network is the best in the world, but there are many requirements to get approval. Google adsense is also best ad network in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan like all others country of low value traffic

Payment proof:

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