How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh without Investment in 2024

In 2024, How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh without Investment

Money can be earned in different ways from Bangladesh without any investment.  And in 2023 it has become much easier, so today's topic will show you how to earn money without investment.

Money earned by playing games 2024 BKash payment

Yes friends, in the present age it has also become possible.

You can earn money by playing games.  Make money by playing game

Today I will talk about some of the games from which if you deposit money by playing games, it can be taken into your own development account.

For this you will need 1 Android phone and internet connection.

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Money Income Game |  Payment 2024 to develop money by playing games

Then go to the Play Store and search by typing Bitcoin POP, you will find a game called Bitcoin Pop - Earn Real Bitcoin.

Install it.  After that, starting from the child of the house, everyone continues to play the game with fun.  When a large amount of coins is deposited in your account, you can withdraw it through Coinbase account.

Coinbase is a means of receiving payments.  By receiving bitcoin at Coinbase, you will be able to take payment from Coinbase.

Watch the video below for details

Easy way to earn money online 2024

There are many easy ways to earn money online.  Today I will talk in detail about the best sure way.  I hope you will read the ways to earn money online in 2024.

Ways to make money with mobile apps 2024

It is possible to earn money with mobile app now, but it is never possible to earn good quality money by working in other people's app.  If you are thinking of making more money lifetime through mobile apps.  Then you have to make an app yourself.  What are you thinking?  It's hard work, won't you?

You are wrong, it is very easy to come in 2023. Those who do not know how to make money by making apps with mobile, they should go to YouTube now and learn about it.

Money Income 2024 by creating a blog website for yourself

Making an income by opening a website for yourself is the easiest way to earn money in 2023.  By making a blog website or download site with mobile, it is possible to earn 200 dollars per month, i.e. from 16 thousand rupees to 16 lakhs.

Website Income Proof:

Here's how to create a download site in just 30 minutes:

Link: How to Create a website for earn money online in bd

Money income 2024 from Facebook page or group in Bangladesh 

Yes friends, if you have a good quality Facebook page or group then you can easily earn money from that page / group.  For this you need to open a website or blogger site and share the link on that page.  You can open the website for free on Blogger.  Then you can earn money by placing ads of a good Ad Network site on the website.

You can also earn a lot of money from Facebook pages by using Facebook's Instant Article future.