Make Money Online at Home from Bangladesh in 2024

How to Make Money Online from Home 2024 in Bangladesh

In 2024, Today I am going to share the most effective and important information or blog about how to make money at home, today I will discuss in detail all the great ways to make money from Bangladesh.  I hope the blog will be useful.

How to make money from home in Bangladesh

Don't think that by looking at the title, you can earn income at home by doing very simple things.  

You must work hard to earn money.  It is not possible to earn money sitting at home without hard work.  Rather, I would say that if you want to earn from sitting at home, you have to work harder.

 Anyway, at first I discouraged you a bit.  Because I know you are probably starting or reading this article with a lot of hope.  This article will help you to discuss topics that you know but have never tried.  Or you don't know but want to know.
 You need internet to earn money at home or at home.  It takes internet to sell whatever you create or do business.  Or you may need internet to promote your business.

 Anyway since you are reading this article it means you have internet.  So whether you are a girl, a boy, a woman, you are one step ahead of earning money sitting at home.

Girls or women can start businesses sitting at home in 2024

Income from selling art: Almost every girl in rural Bengal or the city has some special talents that you can use to do business online.  You can speak very nicely.  You can recite very beautiful poems.  You can tell very beautiful stories.  You can do very beautiful songs.  You can design very nice house house.  You can earn money online by investing in whatever you read.

A girl or a woman can spend a little money at home and offer sacrifices.  Your additional investment should not be above 2,000 to  3,000tk.

I think he can design pictures with very beautiful wheat data.  And designed pictures can bind well.  And the designed pictures look very beautiful when hung in the house.  Now you think that if you like the pictures designed by me, that is normal.  And these arts can be sold by creating a Facebook page.

Income from YouTube channel:

There is no better way to earn money from the internet.  As I said a while ago, you can open a YouTube channel about talking nice, reciting poems, cooking, telling stories, etc.  Spread your beautiful talents among everyone and earn.

If you can't create a youtube channel, contact me. I promise to open a youtube channel.

Income from fast food sales:

I saw a story on Time TV that a girl was finishing her masters and studying for her Masters.  But Kovid is sitting at home because the university is closed.  In this situation she first started selling different types of clothes online.  He started selling fast food in the mountains and opened a Facebook page.  Surprisingly, that fast food is being sold in rural areas.

Blogging Income:


It is possible to earn money by blogging at home but it is a matter of time.  You have to wait a minimum of 4 to 5 months to earn money from a blog site.  Even then there is no guarantee that you will earn.

Ways to make money by blogging

Desi cake business:

In the midst of thousands of activities, who doesn't miss the cake made by mother's hand.  But there is nothing to do.  There is a huge demand for desi pitha in the market.  You can earn money at home by selling handmade desi pies online.

Red Rice Business:

Scientists have come up with research that white rice on the market harms the spread of the human body.  But before that the skin of Dhemki was not found.  So you can try to earn income by selling tank cut rice.

Income from jewelry design:

Jewelry design is a very popular way to earn money sitting at home.  It is possible to earn money at home by buying the necessary materials from the market, stealing a little or selling something specially designed and using the internet.

Make money at home by freelancing

- Come home

There are many types of freelancing jobs that can be used to earn thousands or millions of rupees at home.  But this income will depend on your skills.  The more skills you have, the more you can earn.  All that freelancing can be done at home.

Income at home:

At present there are many Bengali websites who hire Bengali content writers.  You can do freelancing by writing in Bengali or English.  If you go to Google and search "Earn Bangla Write Content" you will find many websites that hire a content writer.

However, if you want to earn money by writing at home, you have to practice for 1 to 2 months.  Lots of blog content to read.  Do you need to understand how the text is presented?  And finished.  The better your writing quality, the more work you will get.

Graphics Design: There are many types of work available in freelancing marketplaces.  But graphic design work is more available.  You can take a graphics design course if you want.

Video Editing: I am a digital marketer.  I have been working in this field for about 8 years.  Videos are needed to create different types of ads.  We hire an Indian girl for this job.  He can do very good video editing.  So you can learn video editing and earn income sitting at home.

Social Media Manager: Many celebrities or big companies hire freelancers to manage their social media platforms.  If you have a good idea about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can work in this sector.

Translator: You know English or another language very well.  Document Translator jobs are available on the Internet.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

 You must use the internet to earn money sitting at home.  So if you want to make money using the internet, it is important that people have faith in you.  If people can't trust you, why take products from you.  So it is very important to gain people's trust.

 See no one knows you, knows you but will order products at your work.  So you have to take care of your honesty.

 Whatever you do, do it honestly.  You don't have to worry about business if you can win people's love.  It is possible to earn millions of rupees every month sitting at home.

Thanks all.