Best Online Job for girls 2024 in Bangladesh

Online job for BD Girls in 2024

This post will have details about the online jobs that can be done most for Bangladeshi girls and the skills that girls can acquire while sitting at home in 2024.
Online job for bd girls setting at home

Content Create for YouTube

There are many small qualities hidden in us.  All you need to do is weld yourself a little.  Nowadays people rely most on video content to understand any concept.  And one of the most popular platforms is YouTube.  

There is an opportunity to upload various content on this YouTube. You can earn thousands of dollars in a few months by showing your uniqueness. You can earn money through monetization from YouTube where you can apply for monetization only if you have 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of views.

 The competition here is growing.  So now is the right time to start working on YouTube.

Earn from Google AdSense

To make money from Google Adsense you need a website, some blog posts and a good number of visitors.  Now let's say what is Google AdSense?  Google Adsense is a platform through which we can run ads or simply say that we can earn money through advertising.  If you have a website you can easily earn this.  If you want to build your own website, you must learn it.  Otherwise you can make a website through someone else.

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Content writing

 If you like content writing, then content writing can be one of the best sources of income for you.  In addition to writing for your own website, you can also write content for any company or brand you want.  You can write for any product.  And if you want to do this content writing job without going to the office, you can do it at home.  Many blog sites or companies often find freelance content writers so you can apply as a content writer on freelancing sites and get work from there.

Website design and graphics design

How to make a website (FREE) Video tutorial:

 Website design and graphics design are unique names in the world of freelancing.  Girls can become a successful freelancer sitting at home.  All you need is an adequate training and practice.  There are many opportunities to learn website design and graphics design online.  Although some of them are paid, there are many unpaid courses.  Learning from there, many people get the opportunity to work with various companies in the outside world through their own practice.

Earnings from Facebook

Online job for bd girls

 In addition to earning money through monetization by creating content on Facebook, if you have a Facebook page and a website, you can still earn money from Facebook at home.

 If you want a website, you can build it with WordPress or Elements.  If you have some blog posts, you can increase the traffic to your site and earn a good amount by sharing the link on Facebook.

 It is also possible to earn money from Facebook ads.

 Money can be made by including ads before or after the video, during various video content on Facebook.  Both the advertiser and the content creator can decide where to place the ad in the video.  Revenue or product sales also increase a lot from Facebook ads.