NID Card Bangladesh 2024 – How To Check Via SMS and Online Copy in 2024

How To Check National ID Card Smart Delivery Date or Time in 2024

Bangladesh National ID Smart Card in 2024 will be distributed step by step to all registered voters.  Now Dhaka Dhaka Division voters can collect smart ID card.  But soon, voters across the country will get smart NID cards.  So, you can check your card delivery date in 3 different ways.  Like the one below

2024 NID Card Bangladesh – How To Check Via SMS and Online Copy

Hello friends, today i will try give you a Bangla tips about NID Card in Bangladesh all working system to get Voter ID Card in your hand.

Get smart NID card distribution dates online

The registered voter can check the date of distribution of smart national identity card through the www.nidw.gov.bd site.  First go to www.nidw.gov.bd site and click on Smart ID card distribution information.  Then provide your national ID card number or registration slip number and give your date of birth and finally fill in the captcha code and submit.

NID Card Bangladesh – How To Check Via SMS and get Online Copy in 2024

  After you submit your information, you will find the date and the center name, where your card will give you.

  However, if you see an error message, give it a like

  "No data was found for: your card delivery date has not been determined yet, please try later."

  This means that your smart card distribution date has not yet been issued.  So check back later for your card issue date.

  How to check in online the date of issue of National ID Card bd through SMS 

Voters can check the smart ID card distribution date by sending an SMS to any mobile operator.  The SMS format is given below.

  SC (space) NID (space) is your 17 digit NID number and send it to 105

  Example: Send SC NID 19785432345654345 and 105

  Note: If your card has 13 digits, add the year of your birth before the NID number.  Choose your ID number 1234567891011 (13 digits) Now you are just like your birth year 19871234567891011.

  But if you do not have an NID card, apply for a new voter card. You will need to send a message like the one below.

  SC (space) F (space) registration slip number (space) D (space) yyyy-mm-dd format date of birth and send it 105

  Example: send SC F xxxxxxxxx D 1987-12-31 and 105
  Date of delivery of smart card from phone call
  You can find out the date of delivery of your smart card by calling any mobile operator in Bangladesh.

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  There are 25 benefits from a Smart ID card:

  •   Identify nationality
  •   Driving license
  •   Passport
  •   Buy / Sell Property / Land
  •   Open Bangladeshi bank account,
  •   Bank loans support debt
  •   Government kiln or elevator
  •   Got support
  •   Bin facilities
  •   Share-BO account maintainers
  •   Business Trade License
  •   Registration of vehicles
  •   Insurance Scheme
  •   Marriage registration
  •   E-passport
  •   E-Governance
  •   Gas and electricity connection,
  •   Mobile Connect
  •   Health card
  •   E-cash
  •   Bank transactions and
  •   Student access and more.
  So, hopefully you will get all the information about smart national ID card.  If you like our post, share it with your friend.