Aim in Life Composition for all Class student in Bangladesh

Aim in Life Composition for all Class student in Bangladesh

My Aim in Life is a common essay for Bangladeshi students.  From class 5 to class 10 it comes more in the exams.  I have given this composition in simple English. You can get knowledge about this composition from here. This composition is 100% Common for all class students in Bangladesh like jsc, ssc, psc etc.

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Aim in Life Composition for all Class student in Bangladesh

Your Aim In Life

Or, Future Plan Of Your Life (তোমার ভবিষ্যৎ পরিকল্পনা)

Introduction: Man is the best creation of Allah. He is a rational animal. His creation is not a mere play or without any purpose. He has to do many things but his life is short. He cannot do anything or everything. So he must decide what he wants to do. He must aim at something noble and strive for it.

Choice of profession: I know it is a really difficult to decide what I am to do. Man differs in de personality, taste and aptitude. That is why man differs in aim. The same profession does not suit every man. 

For this reason decide on an aim is a difficult job. It calls for the exercise of wisdom and discreation. So, before I decided my aim in life I had to thought hundred times. I took into consideration my taste, aptitude, wisdom and experience. Finally, I have decided to become a leader of the country.

Cause of choice: Ours is a newly independent country. 75% of her population are illiterate. 80% of her population are cultivators. They live from hand to mouth. They live half fed or unfed. 

Many of them die without treatment or medicine. There is dearth of honest leadership in our country. Corruption is eating up the vitals of our national life. Want of right leadership condition of our country become miserable. My aim is to give correct leadership to our country in future.

Solution With this noble aim I have been preparing myself. I have decided to become a Barrister-t-law and to join the bar at the Dhaka High Court and the Supreme Court. Then I shall make a definite programme for the betterment of our country and countrymen. 

I will propagate my programme, and seek presidential election. If I am voted to power I shall ensure democracy for the country. Because without democracy there can be no real development. I will remove corruptions from the society. I will make all possible arrangements for the promotion of virtues in citizens.

Conclusion: Therefore, service to my country and countrymen is the aim of my life. I will bear in mind that an aim is a virtue when it seek to do goou to others.

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