My Hobby Paragraph for class 5,6,7,8, 10 students in BD

My Hobby Paragraph or composition for all class students in 2022 BD

My Favourite Hobby

My Favourite Hobby (আমার প্রিয় সখ) Or, Your Favourite Hobby (তোমার প্রিয় সখ)

My Hobby Paragraph for class 5,6,7,8, 10 students in BD

Introduction : Hobby means one's favourite occupation, not one's main business. One does not depend on it for one's living, but it is no less important than one's main business. 

My Hobby Paragraph for all class students in BD

So to relief his mind from such a burden, he takes shelter of a hobby. It may not bring him money, but it gives him joy and pleasure. For the growth of his mind and body, a man must have a hobby, without hobby our future life cannot be successfully employed. It is essential to make our life enjoyable.

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My choice I am a student and I too cannot live without a hobby. My favourite hobby is gardening. As a student I have to study hard both at school and at home. So, it gives me pleasure to be in the open air.

What I do: My garden is infront of our house. Water the garden in the morning and look after the plants after school hours. I work with the spade to make the soil loose, weed-out the grass and plant flower plants in it. Sometimes I sow the seeds of some plants and water them regularly.

I also put a fence around my garden, so that neither cattle nor naughty children can do any harm to my flower plants. The plants are so arranged that my garden is never without flower. When early in the morning I go to my garden and see all the flowers in full bloom. They look like stars in the sky.

Usefulness: Before I made this garden I was a sickly boy. But when, I made this garden and I worked hard in it for the some days, my health begun to improved. Now I am a quite healthy boy. Physical labour and fresh air of the garden are very helpful for the growth of my body and mind.

Sometimes my father takes his morning stroll in my garden and is very pleased to see my work in it. My mother becomes very glad when I show my garden to her. I am fully happy when I see that the fruits of my own labour which afford pleasure to all.

Conclusion: Thus my hobby is a great source of my pleasure. It makes my body strong and mind cheerful. It also helps me in other ways, when I go. to my study, I can read my books very attentively.

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