Top 5+ Best Bitcoin Crypto Advertising Networks in the World

Top 5+ best bitcoin Crypto Advertising Networks in the world

In 2022, Bitcoin Crypto ad networks are advertising platforms like Google AdSense. The only difference is that they provide promotions for crypto-related projects.

Best 5 Bitcoin Crypto Advertising Networks
Best 5 Bitcoin Crypto Advertising Networks

  These websites allow blockchain-based businesses to set up marketing campaigns using banners and native ads.  Once a campaign is set up, they distribute these ads to high traffic websites, publications, etc.

  Crypto advertising networks are central to crypto advertising.  In short, in order to attract quality traffic to your crypto project, you need to incorporate crypto ad networks into your cryptocurrency marketing strategy.

  You may be wondering - there are so many ad networks, which one should I choose?

  Well, read along.  We've compiled a list of the top 5 crypto ad networks.

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The best crypto advertising networks in 2022

1. A-ads.com

 A-ads is one of the best bitcoin & crypto advertising network in the market for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can get more unique traffic from a-ads and publishers can earn bitcoin if they have traffic to their own website. You need some Organic traffic to make money from A-ads.com.  First, look at my payment proof and earnings reports to make sure I'm earning bitcoin from my website using a-ads.com.

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I hope you understand these video.  If you still don't believe it, try it yourself first.  Now let's learn how to dig bitcoin without any investment.  First sign up at A-ads.com.  Then add your website there.  Now use their 320 * 100-pixel ad unit.  And set this ad in the footer of your site.  But make sure the ad is on every page.  Therefore, suggest placing this ad in the footer section.  Now just drive traffic to your website.  And makes money from www.a-ads.com

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A-ads.com Minimum Payout

A-ads.com minimum payment is 0.001 BTC. You can get this payment on your coinbase.com account and 0.001$ for faucetpay. If you facing any kind of problem just comment below. I shall try to help you.

2. Ad Dragon

  Launched in 2019, Ad Dragon is the world's first decentralized financing (DFI) advertising platform.  Unlike Google AdSense, Ad Dragon has a peer-to-peer (P2P) advertising model.  Think of it like Amazon or eBay.  The only difference is the ad dragon advertisers with publishers (sellers) who sell advertising services.

  How does Ad Dragon work, you ask?  It's easy.  Vendors build their online stores on the Ad Dragon platform and sell advertising services such as sponsored posts, press releases, banner ads and more.  Advertisers browse through these lists and select the appropriate services for their budget.

  Vendors have many benefits over Ad Dragon, such as instant payments, automated crypto payments, price controls on their lists and much more.

  Speaking of payments, Ad Dragon takes 5% commission from sellers.  This commission is calculated based on CPM (Cost Per Mille).  Ad Dragon is built on Etherium, and thus, the default payment method is ETH.  The minimum payment limit is $ 50.

  3. CoinZilla

  CoinZilla has been running since 2016.  Hands down, this is one of the most popular networks for bitcoin advertising

  CoinZilla provides native, CPC, CPM, pop-ups and other crypto advertising methods.  The platform only supports quality vendors.  To be registered with Coenzilla, the seller's website must be at least 3 months old, have fast loading speed and be user friendly.

  For payments, Coenzilla supports Bitcoin, Etherium, Bank Transfer, Credit Card and Webmoney.  The minimum payment is 0.001 BTC, and the transaction fee is 0.0001 BTC.  The best part is that withdrawals are processed daily and take a minimal fee.

  Speaking of deposits, you can deposit as little as 100 euros.  If you arrange for your friends to sign up with CoinZilla and they deposit at least 500 EUR, you will receive 50 euros as a referral reward.

  4. Adex Network

  Founded in 2017, AdEx Network is one of the first decentralized ad networks to bring transparency to crypto ad networks.  They provide publishers with real-time reporting, ensuring maximum transparency.

  In addition, Adex has more than 300 handpick vendors on its platform.  They filtered out scammy, inferior and pay 2 surf sites.

  The platform provides a CPM advertising model and supports DAI stablecoin for payments.  The best part is that AdEx has no withdrawal limit and no minimum deposit.  To stop this, Adex often runs cashback programs.

  5. Coinverti

  Launched in 2017, Coinverti is a Belgium-based crypto advertising network.

  Coinverti provides quality crypto advertising solutions for both publishers and advertisers.  Their offer includes banner ads, native ads, in-feed ads and pop-under crypto ads.

  For quality, Coinverti has implemented an anti-fraud mechanism to detect bots and spam traffic.  Further, it only accepts self-hosted crypto and blockchain-related websites.

  Moreover, Coinverti provides real-time performance metrics so you can keep a close eye on the reach of your ads.  Also, you can request personal account manager and ad banner design assistance.

  Coinverti accepts payments in Bitcoin.  To run your ad campaign, you must submit a minimum of 0.001 BTC.  If you are a publisher, you will have to pay 0.0002 BTC for withdrawal.